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Enterprise mobile app statistics shown in a bar chart with an iPhone Enterprise applications – whether designed for the desktop, mobile devices, or across platforms – provide valuable information to the right people, automate your specific business processes, and ensure accountability for every task. When employees can work from anywhere with enterprise cloud solutions, they’re more efficient and can snap into action more quickly.

Zco Corporation builds security, ease of use, and robust functionality into all enterprise mobility solutions. Why struggle with generic, off-the-shelf software? Custom-made enterprise mobile apps do exactly what you need with your business in mind.



Mobilizing Applications

The Web is ideal for applications that must always be up to date and work on as many mobile devices as possible. Because the application itself resides in the cloud, no one is ever using an obsolete version.

With both mobile app development and web design experience, Zco Corporation has the skills necessary to create custom enterprise applications for your business. We can build apps for iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and other mobile operating systems for maximum performance.

Custom enterprise business applications going out of a laptop and into the cloud

Mobilizing Websites

Research from Pew indicates that more than half of American adults own smartphones. The mobile web is used more than ever before – for information gathering, for entertainment, and for e-commerce. Websites optimized for mobile devices attract more visitors and more business.

Zco Corporation can mobilize your website to perform perfectly on smartphones and tablets. We test your website for compatibility with all major mobile browsers and adjust graphics and content for the small touchscreen.

Litelaw website optimized for mobile devices shown in a smartphone

Mobility Facts

  • A Telework Exchange study revealed that federal workers gained nine hours of productivity per week using mobile devices.
  • An Aberdeen Group survey measured twice the year-over-year performance increase at companies with a formal mobile software initiative than at those without one.
  • A MarketsandMarkets report predicts the BYOD & Enterprise Mobility market to grow to $266.17 billion by 2019.
  • An IDC analysis projects 105.4 million mobile workers by 2020, saying that “Mobility has become synonymous with productivity."
Enterprise mobile app statistics shown in a bar chart with an iPhone


A Zco expert displays an enterprise app designed for mobile devices

It’s not always obvious how an application can be made more mobile. Zco’s experts can design apps and websites that preserve functionality while making the interface appropriate for mobile devices. Whether it’s a completely new application or mobilizing existing features, our experience with backend and mobile software architecture can be put to work for your organization.

All discussions are protected by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so sensitive information is never at risk even before a contract is signed. Once functional requirements are established, the customer receives regular status reports on design and implementation progress. Your satisfaction with the final business application development project is our highest concern.

About Zco

Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire, Zco Corporation has served Fortune 500 enterprise companies to small businesses for more than 25 years. Now we have added a new office in downtown Boston to extend our services in enterprise mobile app development to more people. Read More



  • PublicEye

    Zco Corporation’s aim to mobilize public safety has led to the development of its revolutionary public safety product PublicEye. The app’s sophisticated multi-jurisdictional architecture provides first responder, police, fire, and medical staff with real-time information on their mobile devices.

    PublicEye redesigns public safety by enabling collaboration, enhanced situational awareness, data fusion, and communications tools. The app links Android, iOS, and Windows devices to secure clouds and to fellow PublicEye users. It streamlines the processes of public safety departments with features like real-time alerts, video surveillance and streaming, 911 calls, and CAD, RMS, and Twitter integration. Public safety departments can significantly benefit from reduced response times and increased mobility and productivity.

  • Shasta Produce

    Produce retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area deal regularly with Shasta Produce Company. Since 1986, Shasta has grown from a small seller of fruits and vegetables to the region’s biggest wholesale supplier, connecting farmers with buyers through the entire supply chain.

    Produce professionals can keep up with the industry using Shasta Produce’s mobile app, which delivers videos, pictures, and newsletters right to them. Growers and sellers alike get the latest market information and pricing to help business get done. Customers can even place orders directly from the Shasta Produce app.

  • Flint Group

    Flint Group Flexographic Products, a leader in sleeve and adapter supply, is the largest global supplier of both flexographic and letterpress printing plates. To move beyond paper and website resources for its manufacturing customers, Flint Group created a mobile app with a product selector and contact information as well as useful utilities.

    Flexo Toolbox is a set of interactive tools for simplifying flexo prepress, plate making, and process control. A calculator section includes conversions for plate distortion, cell frequency & volume, air cylinder diameter, and many other factors, including general measurements like temperature, distance, and area. The plate making and process control functions allow documentation of your current procedures.

    Flint Group app developed by Zco shown in iPhone and Android
  • AssetScan

    The Asset Point suite has been helping data centers and IT departments keep track of equipment for years. It is largely desktop-based software with database backends, with laptops used for portable information gathering until the release of the iPad.

    Now, AssetScan is the critical mobile inventory portion of Asset Point. Complete with floor plans, port diagrams, photo capability, and three data capture methods (barcode scanning, file import, and direct data entry), AssetScan vastly improves the efficiency and accuracy of the inventory process.

    View our portfolio of customer apps here.

    AssetScan app developed by Zco shown in iPad