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Zco Corporation was founded with the sole objective to create custom software solutions. While our roots are in desktop and backend software, we are primarily a mobile app development company. We develop software for startups, entrepreneurial app creators, and Fortune 500 companies. We’ve established our reputation in the industry through our commitment to elegant mobile app design and development.

Zco's app development agency headquarters located at the Millyard Technology Park

We have offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Nashua, New Hampshire. Our company is staffed by experienced industry veterans and emerging talent alike. Over 300 project managers, engineers, app designers, and programmers from around the globe work for our mobile app agency.

As one of the largest mobile app design companies in the world, no project is too big or too small for us. We have the bandwidth to tackle multiple complex projects simultaneously.

Zco mobile app developer team meeting

Clients choose Zco over other app design agencies because of our experience and versatility. We are a custom mobile app development company that offers clients extensive technical proficiencies and the ability to produce software that meets their requirements regardless of a project’s scale.

These reasons and more are why we’re a leader among top app development companies.



Zco custom mobile app client Verizon Enterprise app client Microsoft Massachusetts app development firm Zco worked with BBC Big data development client Samsung Custom software development with Motorola


Clients choose Zco because of our reliability, competitive pricing, and innovative use of emerging technologies. Zco’s development team offer unparalleled versatility and ensure your software concept is fully realized.

We offer complete mobile app development services based on our deep understanding of technologies like Swift, Kotlin, and Java. We develop apps following comprehensive design documentation, agile development, and thorough quality assurance testing.

Zco creates quality custom software solutions tailored to your organization’s needs. Using technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, .NET, PHP, and others to engineer backend architectures that support mobile apps and solutions.


Hybrid applications offer flexible designs and fast performance, while still allowing apps to be easily ported across operating systems and devices. We use technologies like Xamarin and React Native to create hybrid mobile apps for our clients.

Zco employs a complete game development team, including gameplay programmers, artists, and UI/UX designers. Our extensive experience with Unity means we can bring any idea for a game to life, including augmented reality.



Our account executives and project managers work closely with you to identify the desired functionality of your software and prepare a detailed estimate for you. An NDA is signed, guaranteeing that you and you alone own the project’s intellectual property.

Should you move forward, our team delivers iterative builds for your feedback until development concludes. All the project’s assets remain yours and the source code is signed over to you upon final payment. This streamlined and efficient production cycle produces high quality software precisely tailored to your specifications. Learn more on our FAQ page.


Golf iOS Mobile App developed by Zco

Since the launch of the iPhone, Zco has produced apps that run seamlessly on Apple’s industry-leading devices. As Apple innovates and its hardware evolves, we too adapt, providing our clients with responsive and powerful apps. We ensure your app always uses the full potential of iOS.

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LAMP a mental wellness android app developed by Zco

We’re experts at creating apps for the most prolific mobile operating system in the world: Android. Our natively written Android apps can leverage Google’s extensive suite of services and run on a wide variety of devices. Our experience working with Google’s open-source OS means our clients can put the platform to work for them.

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Single Digits Enterprise App developed by Zco enterprise software developers

From Fortune 500 companies to specialized digital firms, Zco has worked with organizations large and small to build and support powerful enterprise software. Dedicated project liaisons and tight development cycles ensure projects hit milestones and stay within their budget.

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