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We create custom applications for iPhone, Android, and the web. Discover what makes us the finest mobile app development services firm in the United States.

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For over a decade, Zco has provided our clients with reliable software design and development services. Working with us, you’ll have access to our skilled team of engineers working with leading-edge software development technologies.

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How To Create Successful Mobile Apps

Successful mobile app development starts by thoroughly understanding your business needs. From the very beginning, you can expect comprehensive design documentation that hones in on the solutions to the problems you aim to solve. Our agile developmenttesting, and post-launch support will take you to the finish line and beyond.

  • The foundation of any mobile app project is the prototype. We start by providing low-fidelity black and whites before moving on to high-res wireframes in Adobe XD or Justinmind.

  • Our team is well versed in all of the top project management or collaboration platforms. Some examples include Jira, Basecamp, and Slack. If you have a preferred platform just let us know!

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Our Mobile App Development Services

iOS App Development

Since 2008 we’ve been learning and innovating in order to offer one of the most comprehensive iOS app development services on the market. Previously developed through languages like Objective C, the standard for high performance is now Swift, which offers a whole new level of smooth user experiences. Whether it’s the latest iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, our mobile app developers have the experience necessary to create a stand-out product.

Android App Development

Our developers have extensive experience producing native software for Android, the most used mobile OS in the world. Your project can run across all manner of Android devices using Kotlin and Java based technologies. Our design expertise will allow you to target a wider audience while standing out from the crowd.

Native App Development

Native application development can harness mobile devices’ full power and performance through specialized APIs and programming languages. This allows your app to be as fast, efficient, and smooth as possible. It’s also the best option to utilize device functions, like GPS or Bluetooth, as harnessing a device’s sensors is more difficult in a hybrid environment. Our native app development service is a fit for both startup and enterprise-level clients.

Hybrid App Development (Cross Platform)

Blending the power of mobility with and cross-platform compatibility, our hybrid apps development service is the perfect choice for clients seeking to maximize their project’s installation base while minimizing the overall cost of their project. At Zco we can use our experience in React Native, Xamarin, Flutter and other hybrid technologies to craft multi-platform mobile apps.

Progressive Web App Development (PWAs) 

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, are created with web development languages such as HTML 5, CSS, and JavaScript. They are often mistaken for Hybrid apps due to the cross-platform nature and the similarities in development languages. Our web application development services can even produce apps that have enhanced offline functionality. PWAs are also an excellent choice for enterprise application development as they can be used across devices and do not require downloads or device-level storage.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Step 1

In-Depth Assessment

Every custom software project begins with an in-depth assessment of your project’s requirements and its software life cycle. An account executive and project manager will work with you to determine the scope of your project and develop a plan of action.

Step 2

Technical Requirements

We’ll help you determine security and encryption requirements, the cost of custom software development, database and cloud software, as well as integration with the hardware and software development services your company utilizes.

Step 3

Agile Development

Through agile software development, your project is built over several iterative cycles. New builds of the project are regularly shared with you to gather feedback and integrate your recommendations into the project.

Step 4

Quality Assurance

Throughout active development our quality assurance teams ensure the product is rigorously tested, seeking out and eliminating any bugs found. When the software is rolled out to your user base, it will be ready for prime time.

Step 5


At the end of the QA process, your app is deployed and made available on its platform’s respective marketplace for public use. From here you can promote your app, get its first users, and grow your business.

Featured Client App

SuperDraft was born out of a challenge to deliver winning experiences to every sports fan. Users can explore their wildest lineups with fewer restrictions. The challenges, risks, and rewards give users an experience like no other.

At the heart of the SuperDraft experience is a high-quality user interface that empowers players to build and manage their fantasy teams as they see fit. The app marries the thrill of head-to-head competition with a sleek look and rock-solid technical underpinnings.

Zco developed the SuperDraft Fantasy Sports app

Client Success Stories

GolfLogix GPS app was created by Zco, a sports GPS app development company


GolfLogix has 5 million users across the globe. Why? Because they continue to evolve the app to exceed the expectations of golfers and set the standard for what a GPS app should be. With Apple Watch support, over 70 thousand App Store reviews, and 4.7 star rating, GolfLogix has become a household name in golf.

invisaWear jewelry app developed by Zco


The idea of fashion accessories that double as safety devices has flourished since invisawear’s inception. Now, they’ve even collaborated with ADT for even more advanced safety on the go. That means a 24/7 connection to the Safety Network of ADT Security Agents. invisawear was also featured in an article from Wired.

Zco's Advantage4Kids reading mobile app icon


Advantage4Kids is a math and reading learning system created for Southwestern Advantage. It takes overly complicated school lessons and distills them into individual concepts. With quizzes and over 400 tutorial videos, students achieve goals like never before with Advantage4Kids.

Why Choose Zco?

  • 30+ years of software development experience. There aren’t many development firms with this kind of longevity.

  • Over 250 of the finest project managers, engineers, and architects in the industry. This means that we can take on projects of any size and scale as needed.

  • We adopt the agile development methodology. Your project will move along quickly while incorporating your feedback every step of the way.

  • We develop in all of the latest and best development technologies. Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, and more.

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More Development Services

Zco created the Golflogix and Best Coffee Shops iOS apps

iPhone App Development

The iPhone continues to be one of the most popular phones to develop for. Learn more about the iOS platform here!

eKeystone Smartphone App Developed by Zco App Development Services Company

Android App Development

Android is one of the most widely used platforms globally and runs on phones of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about Android here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below!

Why choose Zco Corporation mobile app development services?

Clients choose us because of our extensive experience (that very few development companies can match). With over 250 talented programmers, engineers, artists, and project managers available, we have the resources to tackle projects of any size. That also means we can handle any task, from updating legacy software to creating something new with the latest and greatest programming languages.

What is a native mobile app?

Native apps are developed using platform-specific languages, like Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. Native development is perfect for when you need to get the most out of each devices features, like GPS performance.

What is a hybrid mobile app?

Hybrid apps use technologies like React Native and Flutter that let you create an app for both iOS, Android, and even the web at the same time. This is a cost effective way to produce an app that can be placed on the App Store and Google Play simultaneously.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?

The cost to make an app will vary depending on functionality and complexity. A basic app will run around $40,000. An app with medium complexity will be more in the $100,000 range. Complex apps will run closer to $200,000 and up.

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

Simple apps can be completed in a couple of months, while more complex apps might take closer to a year. The more clearly you’ve defined your idea and how it will work as an app, the more closely we can estimate the time it will take to develop.

How will my intellectual property (IP) stay protected?

A reciprocal NDA protects your patents, copywrites, and trademarks. We offer our own NDA but will also accept NDAs from your end as well. This legal document will ensure that both sides keep sensitive information confidential. All of our developers work for Zco so they fall under the same NDA.

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