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Streamline Automation

Software dedicated to fire inspections and community risk reductions

The Idea

Streamline Automation Systems started with a simple premise: How can we make fire inspections easier and more cost-effective? With a background as actual inspectors who already know the difficulties involved with performing inspections, the way forward was clear.

To help ensure a seamless inspection experience, they created an initial version of their mobile inspection software and backend system built around some important principles: pinpoint accurate mapping, fast and easy setup for departments, and an intuitive UI that anyone can learn in minutes. While those goals were largely achieved, there were a few concerns.

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    The native iPad app needed next-level updates and maintenance

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    Market research showed a need to support Windows

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    The backend system needed enhancements to keep it running smoothly

The original Objective-C version of Streamline

The original Objective-C version of Streamline Automation

Xamarin was used to create the new Streamline Automation app

Taking Streamlines needs into consideration there was one clear issue. If the windows version of their mobile inspection software was developed in a native language, then there would be a need to maintain two separate codebases.

Our development team recommended the use of Xamarin so it was only necessary to maintain a single shared codebase. Xamarin is also particularly well suited to support both iOS and Windows. This provided a few clear benefits:

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    Maintain just one codebase

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    Updates cover both platforms simultaneously

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    Users can switch devices seamlessly

Streamline Automation Key Features

Easy To Get Started

No server installations or IT staff are needed

Fast Cloud Database

Access data from anywhere on the fly

Customizable Forms

Streamline adapts to your departments needs

Advanced Admin Portal

Manage inspections, permits, violations, and more

Windows and iPad Based

Runs equally well on both platforms

Integrated Billing Services

Integrates with Fire Recovery USA for automated billing

The Process

Streamline had their software well-documented from their previous vendor, which became the basis for their requirements and project definitions. This helped ease the transition to our development team and get the project rolling quickly. While development on the new Xamarin-based system was going on, we continued to provide updates to their Objective-C based iPad app.

Several key upgrades were made for the Xamarin version with the goal of improving the user experience while making sure that current users still felt right at home.

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    Optimized spacing for the map and UI elements

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    Minimized the footprint of the map layer selection tool

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    Modernized UI elements for an improved workflow

The Recovery Hub claims screen on a Windows laptop

Streamline Automation also has a sister company called Fire Recovery, which deals with cost recovery and billing for many cities across the US. While work was being done on the Streamline Automation app, improvements were made to their admin website, RecoveryHub, a cloud-based platform developed with custom PHP development. We worked closely to make several upgrades to serve their customers better. The two products can also connect together for a truly feature-rich platform.

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    Implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning technology

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    Integrated Melissa for address validation

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    Integrated Stannp for sending hard-copy invoices

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    Improved speed and reliability

Zco has a wide range of skill sets at their disposal, which allows them to adjust their team to as they see fit. For example, if we need a graphics artist or any other specialist, they’ll assign someone who can participate at the team level for a few short iterations. Once they complete the job, they switch out.

– Mark Gratiot, Director of R&D, Streamline Automation

The Results

With the move to Xamarin, Streamline Inspections has become the most intuitive and versatile inspections platform available, thanks in part to their drive to constantly improve the product. It’s no surprise that the system has logged over one million inspections.

As you might expect, users of the Streamline system have some very positive feedback.

Work has continued on the Streamline and Fire Recovery projects over the course of several years. We’ve continued to build on the foundation that we established together, adding new user-focused features while making sure their system runs without a hitch.

We’re proud to be their partners on this endeavor to bring their product to more departments across the US. We continue maintaining the app to this very day. Inspections are a vital part of any fire department, so the ability to do so reliably, on the move, over a variety of devices makes a huge difference in day-to-day operations.

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