Advanced Location/GPS for Public Safety & Smart Cities

The Idea

Geoteamz was born out of a simple question posed by a police officer in Lowell, Massachusetts: could expensive and purpose-built devices like toughbooks be replaced with more affordable and accessible devices that first responders were already carrying? With Zco’s technology, the answer is yes.

Geoteamz is a sophisticated location and GPS engine that maps events and objects such as emergency calls, sex offenders, patrol cars, warrants, and more. First responders are granted a bird’s eye view of their surroundings, and can use Geoteamz to communicate with other departments, dynamically, report their location, and even access cameras and sensors remotely.


Public Safety
Location & GPS
Advanced Mapping

The Process

Over the years, Geoteamz has gone through a number of UI revisions and improvements. Its architecture is designed to expand and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the emergency responders that use it. The way the app handles geo-locational data has also evolved, most recently with the addition of Azure and ESRI maps. Users can swap between modes like satellite and topographic visualizations, and add layers like city water maps or district boundaries. As the nature of emergency services changes and evolves, so too does Geoteamz.

An important aspect of a fire department is the ability to celebrate your traditions and still maintain the idea of innovation. PublicEye®, for us, is the most recent innovation we’ve had. It’s a technology that’s come at the right time.

– Chief Achilles, Portsmouth NH Fire

The Results

What started as a product specifically for public safety has now expanded to entire cities. All municipality departments can utilize Geoteamz transformational Geo Collaboration technology. It combines computers, phones, tablets and smart devices with instant notifications, communication tools, advanced mapping and GPS. The net result is unprecedented situational awareness and collaboration capabilities for the men and women that need it the most. We are proud of the role Geoteamz plays in protecting the public and empowering first responders.

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