Single Digits Broadband Authentication Platform

A Dedicated Client Dashboard

The Idea

Single Digits is in the business of providing high speed internet access for enterprise-scale clients. This means they must manage hundreds of networks, each with their own collection of devices, clients, and servers.

With so many concurrent connections, accurate real-time information is critical in ensuring regular service for their clients. They wanted a way to make this information available to their customers and provide an easy way to file service tickets should the need arise.

Single Digits Broadband Authentication Platform


Customer Support
Backend Database
Web Interface

The Process

From the outset of the project, we knew that we needed a platform that could handle a high volume of transactional data, and produce fast, efficient reports. For that, we turned to JasperReports. It provided a dedicated and secure reporting infrastructure. It also allowed Portal users to run and export reports in many formats (CSV, HTML, PDF, etc).

Our designers also worked closely with Single Digits to ensure the UI/UX of the web interface was streamlined and accessible, and ensured compatibility with all major browsers.


From the beginning of the project to the end, Zco helped us get the features we needed into the software. They were excellent to work with.

– John Nelson, Vice President R&D

The Results

We were able to deliver a robust client dashboard and service ticket system that was then successfully deployed. Single Digits’ clients now have access to a system that not only keeps them informed with up-to-date information on their networks, but allows for easy communication between themselves and Single Digits.

The Broadband Authentication Platform has allowed Single Digits to significantly streamline their support services, as well as broaden the amount of information available to their clients.

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