Helping Industry Professionals Discover The Right Contact

The Idea

In the world of suppliers and consumers, there has always been the question of who do I need to speak with? For medical, manufacturing, and industrial professionals specifically, there is a lack of information surrounding who to talk to. In times before the internet, there used to be catalogs or books with sales representative’s information passed around to businesses in the industry.

As with the changing times, people do not tend to stay at a job long enough to make these books valuable anymore. Vendor aims to resolve this issue by providing an application that connects you to the right person to source an item. Due to the difficulty of finding OEM parts in the wastewater engineering industry, Vendor came to life. Now with Vendor, you can find the right company, contact, and information all in one place.

Location of Vendors


Native Android App
Location & GPS
Robust Backend

The Process

Having no prior experience in software or mobile app development, our team at Zco worked closely with the Vendor team to layout the process and steps involved in software and mobile app development as clearly as possible. This ensured that our working relationship would remain efficient and successful. To meet their requirements, we had several meetings and established multiples forms of communication.

With Vendor, the app’s layout and functions needed to emulate a professional social network, while offering a higher level of service compared to a traditional website. The app is catered to helping people find all relevant information near their location.   

The technology used for the application came from the desire to focus on the android user market based on market research. With this being a native android application, our team developed the code using Kotlin. Kotlin is a great choice for the application, considering the advantages it offers over other android development languages. To learn more about Kotlin, you can read about it on our blog.

Composing a message in the Vendor app

We started Googleing and looking at different companies. Zco had good reviews, so we decided to come to Boston and met with Chris and Don. We had a good experience, and it seemed like Chris and Don weren’t trying to upsell like some other companies. They were very straightforward with the process and pricing.

Justin Angel, Creator of Vendor

The Results

After a rigorous quality assurance process, Vendor launched to the Google Play Store. The app has been downloaded and used by professionals all over. As the app evolves and gains more users, the reliability and recency of the information will get even better. The strength of the application is clear and concise, the communication between reps and buyers will continue to be streamlined, and more is to come.   

Previously, a significant amount of time was being wasted looking through supplier websites having to wait for a salesperson to connect. This caused confusion, mainly if the sales rep you spoke to prior no longer works at that company. Now your team can spend less time looking and more time sourcing properly.


Vendor app on the Play store

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