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Lop & Link

Delivering the Next Generation of Puzzle Games

The Idea

Lop and Link is an app for anyone who is looking for a logic-based or puzzle-style game. The app allows the user to unwind and pass some time while still strengthening their critical thinking skills. The app includes endless puzzle combinations and a variety of options to make the puzzle more challenging. In the app store today, there are numerous games. A lot of puzzle games and critical thinking-based activities games follow the same design and are often uninspired. Lop and Link is different; it isn’t your typical sudoku, crossword, word finder app. Lop & Link is a novel concept for a puzzle game. It was crafted and tested by a long-time game creator and delivered a much-needed challenge and excitement to the puzzler community.

Options in Lop & Link

Lop & Link Key Features

Over 50,000 Words

The gameplay is nearly endless with a huge list of words.

Randomized Puzzles

Puzzles are expertly randomized to ensure each game is unique.

Thousands of Downloads

The app have been downloaded many times and is highly rated.

A Completely Unqiue Concept

A mixture of math, cipher, word, and letter jumble all in one.

Quick Games

Games can be played in minutes when on the go.

Cross Platform App Development

Lop & Link was designed to work on both iOS and Android.

The Process

Zco worked with their team to layout the process and steps involved in software and mobile app development. The initial and ongoing discussions ensured that the product’s launch would meet their requirements.  The successful development of a mobile game application is all about the design and the user experience, so planning out how it looked and felt was a comprehensive process. Once these areas were decided upon, it was constant communication about how the app would function and perform under load.   

One aspect of creating the game and making it unique each time the user played was creating an algorithm to randomly generate numbers and sequences. This allows users to play non-stop and have a challenging game each time they opened the application. The algorithm was created and tested to verify that each logic and math-based function performed correctly.

Lop & Link on Galaxy Note

The experience has been such a breeze. Chris is down-to-earth, understanding, flexible, and went above and beyond. Don and the Zco team were such professionals and even through my confusing logic were able to exactly understand what I was looking for in the app. I will continue to go through Zco for anything app-related.

– Tony Guarino, Creator of Lop & Link

The Results

After a rigorous quality assurance process, Lop & Link launched to the App Stores. The app has been downloaded and played by people from all over, and hundreds of thousands of users see the benefit of involving complex problems in a game environment.

As the app gets more users, the emphasis may shift to finding new player groups and challenging them further with expansions or additional in-game content. No doubt, once this game is played, users will recommend it to their friends and family to see how well they do. As the app expands its market, it will get new users, and the game can grow and develop to offer more types of games within the app.

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