InHouse AR

An Immersive Design Tool

The Idea

We wanted to create an app that would help companies across many industries, including interior design, architecture, and construction, to plan and design room and space layouts in real time. The app needed to run across a wide range of platforms and devices, to ensure maximum compatibility.

We settled on a concept that would enable users to place polygonal 3D furniture around virtual space while maintaining its location in persistent memory. Users would be able to walk around the room, and the AR experience would adapt to their location in real time.


Augmented Reality
Unity Engine
3D Furniture

The Process

One of the key aspects of the project was its requirement to be cross-platform. While both Google and Apple offer their own frameworks for AR development, we wanted users from both Android and iOS ecosystems to experience the app. Because of this requirement, our designers opted to use the Unity engine to power the app. We have extensive experience producing games with Unity, but the environment also offers a powerful AR capabilities and runs well on many kinds of devices, regardless of their operating systems. 

With the technology established, our 3D artists went to work creating assets for the app, including tables, chairs, sofas, and end tables. Development proceeded in agile sprint cycles, iterating over time to hone the product until it met our rigorous quality standards.

The Zco AR App is a way for us to show off the talents of our 3D artists and augmented reality programmers and designers. Clients can use it to gauge our technical abilities and see the results for themselves.

– Don Austin, Executive VP at Zco

The Results

After several rounds of polish and quality assurance, we were left with a finished application that not only meets our internal requirements but surpasses our expectations. The final app delivers a consistent, high fidelity graphical experience that runs on both iOS and Android devices. Users are free to place furniture anywhere in physical space and then walk around their creation in real-time, exploring it from all angles.

The app and its development are illustrative examples of how Zco approaches a project, working from concept to launch to create a refined and effective product.

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