Issa's Edible Adventures

An Interactive Culinary Journey

The Idea

App creator and cooking personality, Aliya LeeKong, wanted to create an interactive adventure that only not expanded the user’s knowledge of foreign cuisine, but allowed them to experience other cultures and lands. The app would require a strong multimedia presentation, including high-quality voice acting, 3D animated characters, and accurate representations of the various foods that would be presented within the application.

The app would also require a strong iOS programming pedigree to ensure that it would run well within the Apple device ecosystem. With these requirements in place, LeeKong approached Zco to see if they could develop an app that would fulfill her original vision.


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The Process

By its nature, Issa’s Edible Adventures relies on many digital creative disciplines coming together to create a visually consistent and immersive experience. Our technical artists had to take well-developed concepts for characters and translate them into 3D polygonal characters. The animation team then took these character models and brought them to life using cutting-edge animation tools and utilities.

Finally, our Creative team worked with a cast of talented voice actors to make the well-written dialog between Issa and her friends to jump off the screen. As every art asset was created and edited, we worked with Aliya to ensure it met her standards and remained consistent with the rest of the game’s presentation.

Zco’s creative team helped me bring to life this child and her fantastical and educational adventures. Their technical team made sure the game played well and had a smooth launch.

– Aliya Leekong

The Results

The final result stands as a testament to what technical and creative masteries can achieve in the service of a client’s detailed concept and vision. Through the main character Issa, users are treated to a rich multimedia experience demonstrating how different cultures connect through their cooking and diets.

Issa’s Edible Adventures enable users to explore a rich, colorful world, its history, and the nuances of different cultures, all through their smart device’s screen. We are happy to play a part in a project’s development that helps connect the world through information and education, while still offering an engrossing mobile gameplay experience that will impact people all over the world.

Zco created Issa's Edible Adventures - Children's Cooking Games - Educational App

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