In Range Contacts

Location-based Networking Made Easy

The Idea

In Range Contacts’ creator, Patrick Knittle, wanted to fundamentally change and improve the way professionals networked with each other. With most people now owning smartphones and other connected devices, Patrick saw an opportunity to connect them through their hardware.

Using integrated locational services, as well as a host of privacy safeguards, the client’s app would alert users to each other’s presence, be it at an airport, football game, or industry conference. Patrick brought his project concept to us to see if we could create an app from it and we obliged.


Business Networking
Private and Secure
iOS & Android Support

The Process

The key functionality that tied the app together would be its ability to safely and securely match people to one another if they were within a certain distance and if their privacy settings allowed it. Privacy had to be a core priority of the app from the beginning of its development. Because of this, our programmers ensured that the app would never actively share map locational data. They also implemented an easy-to-navigate interface that would put privacy controls front and center for users, empowering them to fine-tune their notification settings.

InRange contacts was developed using Native iOS and Android technologies. This includes Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android. When deciding to use either native or hybrid technologies you take all the core features and functions into consideration before starting design and development cycles. As the InRange app needs to leverage and use accurate location tracking with optimum battery usage, native technologies were a better fit for the application’s needs.  


I worked closely with Zco so the app would closely resembled my concept. They were able to hit project’s milestones as promised and included my feedback and changes in the software.

– Patrick Knittle, Creator

The Results

When the active development and quality assurance phases ended on In Range Contacts, the app was successfully launched on both the Apple App Store and Google Play stores. The final result is a useful and powerful tool for professionals looking to seize every networking opportunity available to them. The app can also function as a way for parents to discretely check that their children made it to their destinations safely and on time.

The finished app also delivers on its creator’s vision to allow users to fully customize and tailor their privacy settings to their needs. The final product stands to change how professionals network with each other going forward.

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