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The Most Downloaded App in Golf

The Idea

GolfLogix is a global leader in the most accurate golf GPS app technology and was the first to introduce handheld GPS to the golf industry. GolfLogix has been professionally mapping golf courses for years and maintains the most up-to-date golf course database in the world. Their maps have been verified by millions of rounds of golf played by users.

Seeing the dramatic advances of mobile and smart devices in the late 2000s, GolfLogix wanted to bring their technology to these various platforms. What they needed was a mobile app developer who could seamlessly integrate the course database with the different mobile operating systems.

Golflogix Key Features

GPS Distance to Any Point

See the precise distance everywhere from tee to flag.

Tournament Mode

Use only the allowable features based on current golf rules.

3D Green Maps

Understand how the green slopes like never before.

Putt Lines

Lines accurately laid over the green show how your putts will break.

Over 35,000 Courses

More courses mapped than you can shake a club at.

Native iOS & Android Development

Maximizes performance on both iPhone and Android.

The Process

One of GolfLogix’s greatest strengths is its highly customized GPS golf course database, which maps courses and putting greens down to the smallest details. While GolfLogix offered specialized wireless GPS units for their users, they tasked Zco with bringing the experience to mobile devices. GolfLogix also wanted their app to offer additional features, including stats tracking, scheduling, and live leaderboards. Our engineers and designers worked together with GolfLogix to ensure that both the back and frontends of the app were technically sound, reliable, and user-friendly.

For GolfLogix, selecting the right technology was a major factor to consider before heading into development. Due to the technical requirements and use of mapping systems, GPS locations, and a high level of detail provided on the user application side, GolfLogix was a great fit for native mobile application development. In order to provide the best possible user experience, a native app was developed for both iOS and Android platforms. During initial development, this was leveraging Java and Objective C, but has since moved into Kotlin and Swift.

Whether they’re playing a new course or looking for an edge at their local club, our members are definitely going to take fewer putts and shave strokes off their game.


– Pete Charleston, President of GolfLogix

The Results

After a rigorous quality assurance process, GolfLogix launched on App Stores. The finished app provides precise GPS distances for golfers, keeps scores and tracks player statistics, and uploads these stats to their online profile. The app’s users can maintain and upload information to GolfLogix’s clubhouse community, where golfers can share and compete with millions of users worldwide.

GolfLogix is one of the most popular golfing apps available for mobile devices and is still adding features and capabilities for the benefit of its users. Its success show how we can work with a client to plan and realize a successful mobile app with millions of users.

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