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About 3D Animation


There are many uses for 3D animation, from a basic caption to an entertaining cartoon. Something as simple as a logo acquires extra punch when rendered in 3D. A product demo, as part of a presentation, trade show booth, or infomercial, can quickly illustrate the utility of the product.

Any 3D asset produced by Zco can be provided in multiple formats: raw models and textures, rendered images and videos, etc. Zco also accepts existing assets from programs like Unity, Maya, Blender, and Lightwave for further editing.

Modeling, Texturing & Rigging


During 3D modeling, engineers give physical dimensions to objects and characters, ensuring consistency in the appearance and behavior of one model with others. Texturing supplies the visible skin of each creation, transforming it from a monochrome figure into an object or character with colors and shading.

Articulating models require a digital skeleton; how one part of a model moves in relation to other parts is just as important as the whole model's interactions with other models. This is called rigging, and provides the basis for realistic motion in the final product.

Visual Effects & Compositing


Compositing is the process of placing 3D models together within a 3D environment, still image, or video. Lighting and other effects influence how “real” the scene looks, how convincing character interactions appear, and the overall appeal of any video or game.

By using 3D animation markers, the animated 3D characters can have perfect movements. After the customer has approved the creation, the 3D animator can export the project to a variety of formats to fit the client’s needs.

Product Demos & Commercials


Committing to buying a physical product can be a hurdle for many consumers. Without physically handling and experimenting with it, many shoppers might opt out of a purchase.

A 3D product demo offers more information, as well as emotional attachment, than static text or images. A video can show the product in use, virtually disassemble it to show how it works, and zoom in on tiny details. An interactive model even lets consumers “play” with it before buying.

Data Visualization


From simple graphs to complex data plots, data visualization can make information easier to analyze, absorb, and understand. Although math is often involved, creative design is also essential. Using the right colors, illustrations, and organizational schema can turn dry charts into captivating, beautiful educational tools.

Zco’s animators are able to use both left and right sides of the brain to put large data sets into proper context, and also make them visually appealing. Data visualization can be used to impart knowledge to workers and investors, learn how different aspects of an organization are tied together, and convince stakeholders of important relationships.

Working With Zco


No matter what stage your 3D project is in, Zco can help finish it. Experts in storyboarding, design, modeling, rigging, rendering, and animation stand ready to fill in any gaps in your pipeline – or to take command of your project from start to finish.

Zco can even provide 3D assets for all types of projects. Television commercials, YouTube videos, trade show kiosk displays, product demos, and many other projects can benefit from a 3D animated element.

  • Dino Fight 3D

    The concept behind Dino Fight 3D isn’t complicated. It’s dinosaurs. That fight. At $2, it’s a bargain for anyone who enjoys classic two-player combat games, and cutting-edge 3D graphics put the player right into the action.

    Gig Development’s game includes four different dinosaurs with biting, slashing, jumping, and other special moves. Players can enhance the dinosaurs’ fighting abilities with armor and special powers like Mega Shield, Time Freeze, and Double Strength. Upgrades can be earned by winning matches or purchased within the app.

  • Extreme Speed Gliding

    From the pilots and gliders to the courses players fly, every element of this 3D game is crafted with precision. Even the grim results of crashes are accurately portrayed.

    In Extreme Speed Gliding, players race against the clock through white gates. The glider turns when the iPad is tilted left or right, and it rises and falls when the iPad is tilted forward or back. The creators took care to make the game as realistic as possible, from the controls to the details of the pilot’s shell.



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