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High quality 3D character of raw models,textures and rendered image There are many uses for 3D animation, from a basic caption to an entertaining cartoon. Something as simple as a logo acquires extra punch when rendered in 3D. A product demo, as part of a presentation, trade show booth, or infomercial, can quickly illustrate the utility of the product. That's where a 3D animation company like Zco comes in.

Any 3D asset produced by Zco can be provided in multiple formats: raw models and textures, rendered images and videos, etc. Zco can also work from scratch or with existing assets from many applications.


Modeling, Texturing, & Rigging

During 3D modeling, engineers give physical dimensions to objects and characters, ensuring consistency in the appearance and behavior of one model with others. Texturing supplies the visible skin of each creation, transforming it from a monochrome figure into an object or character with colors and shading.

Articulating models require a digital skeleton; how one part of a model moves in relation to other parts is just as important as the whole model's interactions with other models. This is called rigging, and provides the basis for realistic motion in the final product.


Visual Effects & Compositing

Compositing is the process of placing 3D models together within a 3D environment, still image, or video. Lighting and other effects influence how “real” the scene looks, how convincing character interactions appear, and the overall appeal of any video or game.

By using 3D animation markers, the animated 3D characters can have perfect movements. After the customer has approved the creation, Zco can export the project to a variety of formats to fit the client’s needs.



Medical Animation

Whether you are teaching patients about new treatments, training medical students, or introducing a new product, a detailed medical video represents your product in a powerful way. For education or for sales, a 3D medical video production has a lasting-impact.

Our 3D artists have worked with medical manufacturing companies, doctors, and other healthcare professionals to create intricately detailed tutorials, overviews, and mobile applications. Our team can render accurate 3D models of your devices, or create animated prototypes of your new ideas. Whatever your need, Zco’s custom designers can work with you to create the perfect 3D video.


Architectural Animation

Zco’s custom architectural rendering services faithfully represent the interior and exterior of your building project. Structural elements, decorations, furniture, and even landscaping are made to order, so you’re not stuck with limited, generic shapes.

Our artists can recreate existing structures from photographs, build accurate models from blueprints, and even design from your descriptions. People, animals, and plants can occupy the virtual world if desired. The final product can be a walkthrough video, architectural overview, instructional presentation, or any other format you need.

Video Thumbnail of A 3D architectural walkthrough for Zco Corporate Office in Nashua
Thumbnail of The Humane Society for Greater Nashua by Zco 3D animation team

Video Animation

The world of animation has infinite possibilities; if you can imagine it, we can create it. The Zco 3D video animation team can design everything: from sleek and polished professional videos to high-energy cartoons.

Building powerful animation requires creativity, artistry, and thought. Our 3D artists create lively videos, with expertise in every facet of their designs. Working with us is like collaborating with visual effects companies and animation companies at the same time!

Whether your goal is to create a fun animated advertisement, or a professional animated explainer video, Zco’s visual team is up to the challenge.

Thumbnail of a 3D video commercial created by Zco
Thumbnail of a Giant Slayer 3D Animated character by Zco ‘s Animation Studio

Product Design

Showcase every detail of a product you’ve imagined with a 3D product video. If all you have are sketches or physical prototypes, Zco can act as your product design company and build 3D digital models. Already have it designed in CAD software? We can put it into a 3D environment, animate its moving parts, light it dramatically, and show it in action.

Product demo videos bring ideas into reality. They are ideal for wooing potential investors, advertising on television, and closing the deal on a shopping page. When the public sees your product in action, they won’t be able to resist it. Give the people what they want!

Thumbnail of a 3D Rendering and Product Modeling Video created by Zco

Characters & Cartoon Animation

Our character design artists put the spark of life into everyone they create. They’re not simply drawing an object, but imbuing a person with a soul. We won’t lie – they often get a little attached. We know you’re already a little bit in love with the characters you’ve imagined, so we bring them to life just how you want.

When we tackle cartoon design, making all the characters and settings fit together is essential. When we build a world and a story, it has to be convincing, no matter the drawing style or absurdity of the plot. With our 3D animation services, every project is a star. It might be a 15-second commercial, but the right shading, texture, and composition can make it feature-worthy.



Our 3D artists love a challenge. We’ve created models, characters, and environments, as well as complete still renderings and full videos. Clients come to us in many different stages. Some have sketches, some have models needing expert tweaking, and some just have ideas that need storyboarding.

The videos below are just a few examples of the creations we’ve brought to life.

Video Thumbnail  of 3D Models Created by Zco 3D Model Maker
Video Thumbnail  of Flight Lander Animation Game created by Zco 3D Studio
Video Thumbnail for House Of Butterflies 3D Animation Crafted by Zco Animation Website
Video Thumbnail of Trex Hunt and Dinosaurs 3D Animation Services by Zco
Video Thumbnail of Christmas 3D Animation by Zco Corporation Animation Studio
Clicking moves leftClicking moves right


No matter what stage your 3D project is in, Zco can help finish it. Experts in storyboarding, design, modeling, rigging, rendering, and animation stand ready to fill in any gaps in your pipeline – or to take command of your project from start to finish.

Zco can even provide 3D assets for all types of projects. Television commercials, YouTube videos, trade show kiosk displays, product demos, and many other projects can benefit from a 3D animated element. As with all our services, the process begins with a non-disclosure agreement, so you can be assured that your intellectual property is always protected. 

What Makes Our Animation Studio Unique

Zco brings both technical mastery and artistic sensibilities to every animation project. Whether it's the polished chrome of a vintage automobile, the intricate workings of your innovative new product, or the rough fur of an alien beast, we put meticulous detail into everything we create for clients.

Our animation studio team boasts expertise in a wide variety of animation software titles, from Blender and Lightwave to the entire Adobe Creative Suite. Dozens of digital artists come together to create architectural, medical, educational, and promotional materials that are not only beautiful, but accurate and enlightening. Open communication between the client and the Zco's project manager ensures that your needs are met precisely and promptly.

How Much Does it Cost to Do an Animation Project?

Pricing for animated video depends on the desired quality and availability of assets, such as 3D models and environments, as well as the number of elements required in various scenes. Prices range from $170 per finished second of 2D animation to $800 per finished second of high quality 3D Animated video.

About Zco

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