The Process of Android Game Development

The last few years have been a boon for Android game developers. Of Google Play Store’s revenue, mobile games account for 90 percent of profits. There are thousands of game titles in the Google Play Store. From simple apps like the Flappy Bird to complex titles like Dead Trigger 2, the number of titles continues… Details

Should I Hire a Chatbot Development Company?

Customers are changing their preferences when it comes to communicating with businesses. They increasingly expect real-time responses and prompt replies from businesses. Looking to embrace these changes, many organizations have implemented rudimentary AI solutions, most often in the form of chatbots. This specialized software is a user-friendly program designed to automate interactions between people in…


Top Grossing Apps of 2017

2017 was a strong year for app earnings, with a pool of new titles and a number of significant updates to existing apps. According to reports, the global mobile app revenue and downloads hit record levels in the last year. What made this more remarkable is mobile games alone accounted for 77 percent of all…