How Long Does it Take to Make an App?

One of the most common questions asked when it comes to mobile app development is ‘how long does it take to make an app?’. Very basic apps can be completed in a few weeks, while more complex apps can take 3 to 9 months. The more clearly you’ve defined your idea and how it works, the more accurate the estimate.


Examples of Apps

Hiring An App Developer? 5 Questions To Ask

Are you thinking about working with a software developer to create a mobile application? You need to hire an app developer that best fits your project’s needs. Understanding which questions to ask can be difficult, especially if you are pursuing mobile app development for the first time.


Why Kotlin is used in android app development

Why You Should Use Kotlin To Develop Your Android App

If you’re familiar with mobile app development, you may have heard the name Kotlin. Kotlin is a language created by JetBrains that is used today to develop native Android applications. Now Kotlin is not a programming language just on its own, but is another method to enhance Java and create stunning Android applications that ran on several devices and interfaces.


Swift app developer Zco uses the Swift language to develop iOS apps

Why is Swift Programming Better for App Development?

Swift is a native mobile application development language for creating apps on the iOS platform for use on the Apple App Store. It is a compiled programming language for iOS, macOS, WatchOS, TV OS, and Linux applications. Apple created it in 2014 and since then, Swift has become the new dominant language for iOS development and beyond.


Justinmind: mobile app wireframe tool

5 Best Mobile App Wireframe Tools of 2020

Creating wireframes is an important part of the mobile app development process and dictates how the app will be developed and what technologies will work best to support it. Before going deeper into the topic, we have to discuss what wireframes are and why they are essential for mobile app projects.


Apple's new iPhone 12 - perfect to develop an iPhone app for

What the iPhone 12 Means for App Development

We were only just covering what was announced during Apple’s September event, and now they’ve announced even more new products and advancements. This event is more focused on the developments being made to Apple’s iPhone line and their Alexa dot equivalent, the HomePod Mini.


What are the Benefits of Mobile Apps in the Hospitality Industry?

2020 has been one heck of a year. People all over the globe are being struck with hardships and challenges. The ones suffering the most from this pandemic in regards to timing and the amount of lost business are the companies in the hospitality industry. The pandemic has halted all travel and made vacationing almost impossible for the average consumer.