What Are the Top 7 Mobile App Marketing Tools for Mobile Success?

When you’re launching an app for iOS or Android, you need to adopt marketing strategies and tools to stay ahead of your competition. With so many marketing options and services available, you’ll need to choose a solution that suits your project. We’ve created a list of professional app marketing tools for those looking to move the needle when their app launches. Here are the top 10 app marketing tools for mobile success:

App Annie – Market Research

App Annie app market research tool

If you need to make an informed decision using comprehensive market data and your own performance metrics, then App Annie is a solid choice. App Annie’s Intelligence and Connect platforms integrate your app data with its wide-ranging market data, cutting-edge data science, and deep data foundation to inform your product roadmap.


  • Wider access to useful app market data, including in-app analytics, demographic data, publically reported data, major app stores, and ad networks
  • Tracks competitive market share on metrics such as usage, downloads, and revenue
  • Performance analysis to identify emerging players and monitor competitor’s performance and optimize your app marketing plans accordingly
  • Analyze global market trends to identify countries that experience the largest growth and monitors changes happening in the app market promptly
  • Filter app users by age and gender, and examine cross-app usage patterns to understand demographic behavior to enhance marketing efforts


Google Analytics – In-app Analytic

Google Analytics in app analytics

Google Analytics is the gold standard for analytical platforms. Google supports both mobile and desktop advertisers, publishers, and mobile app developers. Google Analytics provides the best digital analytics tools to measure and optimize user engagement and user acquisition with mobile apps.


  • Estimates the number of active users who download an app and provides demographic characteristics
  • Tracks users’ actions within the app
  • Measures the amount of in-app purchases and revenue
  • Creates reports specific to businesses and industries
  • Integration of GA data from other Google products
  • Visualize users’ navigation paths
  • Analyzes the behavioral pattern of user

App Radar – App Store Optimization

App Radar app store optimization tool
Optimizing your app’s store page is a crucial part of app marketing as it increases its chances of being discovered by users. App Radar is an app store optimization tool that offers streamlined workflows to deal with different app store optimization tasks and offers increased app visibility and organic reach across different app stores.


  • App store optimizer analyzes metadata and localizations of apps to optimize store listings for better discoverability
  • Metadata translations to fetch relevant app store metadata within the tool
  • Compares key metrics and keyword ranking of competitors to stay ahead of competitors
  • Provides keyword ranking reports via email or Slack message on a regular basis
  • AI-powered ASO tool helps make keyword suggestions and optimization tips
  • Multiple localization options to manage apps in every language


Rakuten – Affiliate Programs

Rakuten affiliate marketing provider

Rakuten, previously known as LinkShare, is one of the biggest affiliate service providers for e-commerce and online businesses all around the world. It works as a Cost Per Action (CPA) network that brings advertisers and marketers flexible solutions to earn revenue.


  • Offers deep integration for businesses’ landing pages to allow increased customization of the type of affiliate offers
  • Creates rotating ad banners automatically for a product with minimal code
  • Provides deep linking to acquire customers directly from a specific product
  • Tracks app installs and lead conversions


AdMob – Ad Networks

AdMob mobile ad network

Google’s AdMob is one of the most popular CPC (cost per click) mobile ad networks with high CPM (cost per thousand) and fill rates. AdMob connects advertisers with publishers and developers through its mobile marketplace, enabling advertisers to create and run targeted ads. Likewise, it enables developers to generate profits from their advertising revenue.


  • Cross-platform capability supports Android and iOS and leading game engines such as Unity and Unreal
  • Tools that track downloads, metrics, and manage ad campaigns
  • Integration with Google Play services updates to Android apps without SDK changes
  • Access to a variety of ad formats like text interstitials and video


Vungle – Video AdvertisingVungle mobile video marketing platform

This video marketing platform brings both advertisers and publishers the highest value users to generate income through engaging in-app video ads. Vungle’s creative optimization technology, targeting, and HD video ad delivery lets advertisers acquire high-quality users worldwide


  • Offers ad templates that reduce user fatigue
  • Flexible optimization through testing of ad templates and predictive analytics
  • Faster creative optimization boosts CPMs and monetization opportunities for publishers with new ad templates
  • Responsive templates align ads with your app provides a better user experience


HARO – Getting Press

HARO public relations platform

Apps depend heavily on positive press and influencer interactions. HARO is a tool that connects your app or service with reporters and expert news sources. Working with this public relation tool is straightforward. Simply sign up as a source, fill out your bio and requirements via the website and you will get notified three times a day of media coverage opportunities.


  • Receive emails broken down by topic or industry three times a day
  • Generate high-quality backlinks from authority news sites
  • Access to 80,000+ sources and 55,000 journalists and bloggers

These are just a few of the marketing tools you can use to help your app connect with its target audience. If you’re looking to work with experts with over a decade of app development experience, get in touch with one of our account executives today using the contact form on this page. Zco works with its clients to ensure the successful deployment of their apps. We’re ready to work with you.

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