603 Networking Recap: 5 Ways to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence

Last night we had the honor of hosting a 603 Networking event at our facility in the Nashua Millyard Technology Office Park. The 603 Networking group is the largest New Hampshire-only group on LinkedIn. Its members are people living or working in New Hampshire and its function is primarily for business and personal networking purposes. To register or learn more about the group, visit them on LinkedIn here.Zco Account Executive Mark Lynch presents to a 603 Networking audience

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What the iPhone SE Means for iOS App Development

For two years, new iPhones had 4-inch screens. Before that, Apple had stubbornly kept the smartphone’s display at 3.5 inches. The iPhone 5, along with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, bumped that up half an inch. After that, with the iPhone 6, the new screen size was 4.7 inches, with a Plus model at 5.5 inches.   Now, a new 4-inch model has been introduced: the iPhone SE. It’s essentially the body and display of an iPhone 5 with the internal hardware of an iPhone...Comparison of iPhone 5 and iPhone SE dimensions

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Apple TV App Store Open to Developers

The new Apple TV’s gaming capability could affect the game console industry, but what about other categories in the App Store? After all, Apple’s intention of reinventing its streaming box is not just about disrupting the gaming industry.   The introduction of the App Store on the Apple TV 4 streaming box gives Apple a living room foothold in categories such as education, health & fitness, lifestyle, news, and sports. Not to mention self-promotion; just today, a...Apple TV app store interface

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How Enterprise Apps with Gamification Can Improve Your Business

Turning everyday business work into productive engagement for employees is challenging. Gamification of enterprise apps is one solution that has emerged in recent years. So why is gamification gaining so much popularity? With strategic planning and careful design, a business environment can enhance productivity and gain long-term benefits with the help of enterprise gamification apps.Turn everyday business work into productive engagement with enterprise gamification

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Android Flagship Phones for Spring: Samsung Galaxy S7 & LG G5

Can’t wait until fall for a new Apple iPhone or Google Nexus device? You’re in luck. The top two makers of Android handsets in the United States are both releasing new flagship phones in the next month.   For Samsung, the latest Galaxy phones represent a refined return to form, while LG’s new model introduces modular capability that could really shake up the industry.   Performance-wise, the phones are roughly equivalent. All feature eight-core...Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and LG G5

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