4 Ways Medical Animation Simplifies Healthcare and Patient Education

Advancements in medical technology have changed the way people view and understand healthcare. For educating patients, 3D animation technology is on the forefront and it opens doors to find healthcare solutions.Block removal from coronary artery with the help of Angioplasty treatment

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Mobile App Trends and Best Apps of 2014

The year 2014 saw big advances in the tech sector. New operating systems, extended multiscreen usage, wearable tech, and the Internet of Things (IoT) all brought changes to our daily lives. We're proud of the apps we develop, of course, but we also admire the work of others. Some of the best apps of 2014 featured eye-catching design, intuitive interfaces, and speedy execution. Here are some picks from Zco staff from many app categories:1Password Security App

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25 Tips for Mobile App Success in 2015

This year Zco Corporation celebrated its 25th year in business. With a quarter century of experience came a lot of learning, so the team at Zco decided to honor our silver anniversary with a curated list of the 25 best tips and tricks to help make your apps successful in the upcoming year!   25th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting

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App Marketing Part I: Pre-Release Marketing Strategies

Ever wonder how the Number 1 apps became Number 1? It wasn’t just luck. It wasn’t just great design. Climbing to the top of the app store requires much more; it requires a strong marketing strategy to get your app name known.A man standing top watching cloud

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Why So Serious (Games)?

Okay, the term “serious games” might seem a little confusing. The first time I encountered the term, I immediately though of the bone-dry typing games our computer teacher forced us to play in middle school. “Look, it’s fun!” she would exclaim, as we listlessly typed paragraphs to earn boring silver coins. It was very serious, and it barely resembled a game. Srsly.Game design and development

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