Google I/O Keynote: Big Plans for Wearables, IoT, More

Yesterday, we summarized Google’s plans for Android M. Today, let’s take a look at some of the many other topics the company addressed in its I/O conference keynote address.  Image shows the latest watch faces for your Android wear

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Android M New Features Previewed at Google I/O

It’s software announcement season, and Google kicked it off May 28 with the keynote at its annual I/O conference.   Information from Google execs covered a dizzying array of products: Android Wear, Android Auto, Android TV, Chromecast, Google Now, Google Photos, Google Play, and developer tools. But the next version of the mobile operating system, Android M, took center stage.Image Shown the Android M Developer Preview on Nexus 5, 6, 9, and Player

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Using 3D Animation in Modern Architectural Rendering

Utilizing 3D architectural rendering services in the building design process has become an industry standard. It’s much easier to visualize the final look of residential properties, offices, institutions, resorts, or hotels with a 3D architectural model that can be viewed from any angle. Real estate builders, property developers, and architects are now heavily relying on 3D architectural designs for building projects – both interiors and exteriors. Rendering 3D support...

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Best Smart Apps for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Apps Screenshot

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Will Apple Watch Have a Killer App?

Every hardware and software platform needs something that can't be found anywhere else – something that pushes it beyond a cool thing to own to being essential.   Early PCs had word processing and spreadsheets. The Internet era offered the web browser and email. Nintendo had Mario.   That one thing you suddenly can't live without is often called a killer app. It needn't be a literal "app" in the "mobile app" sense; for...Apple Watch Apps Development

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