How Product Rendering and Custom Modeling Can Promote Your Business

Animation and 3D technology gets a lot of attention in summer blockbusters. Superhero teams, starship crews, and fantasy fellowships would be nowhere without extensive digital effects. But modeling real-world objects has solid benefits for small businesses and enterprises. You don’t need special powers to put 3D modeling to work in your product pipeline.3d product design of a DSLR camera

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What Does Internet of Things Mean?

We’ve written a couple posts in the past related to Internet of Things (IoT) including what IoT apps can offer, and the announcement of a new operating system designed for IoT. We decided to dig into this topic a little deeper through a series of new blog posts, starting with this overview of what it is and why everyone is talking about it! The term Internet of Things was coined and first used by Kevin Ashton over a decade ago. The “things” commonly include...Internet of Things solutions

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Game Designers Love These Unity 5 Features

Last week, we talked about the lighting and shading improvements in Unity 5. Some other more subtle changes to the Unity workflow have really excited our animators as well.  Unity 5 Web Graphics Library (WebGL) screenshot

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How Will Unity 5 Revolutionize Mobile Gaming Development?

Ever since Unity 5 was released in March, our game designers have been pushing the framework to its limits. Although beta versions were available late last year, it’s only the last few months that we’ve really been able to test what it’s capable of. So far, we like what we see.Visual of Unity 5 game development features reflection probes global illumination and physically-based shades

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The Best Hybrid App Framework (Depends on How You Use It)

Are you planning to create an app to reach a wide business or consumer audience? Choosing an app development framework might not be high on your lists of concerns – but it should be. You may think about developing apps for the most popular mobile platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Building your app separately for each mobile platform can require a large amount of money. In many case, costs can be reduced by using a cross-platform development or hybrid application...Picture of Android, Windows, and Apple

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