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iOS and Android App Lifecycle Explained

Software development follows a pre-determined process to deliver projects within a client’s required time frame, budget, and technical specifications. Zco is no exception to the rule. We follow an extensive mobile app development roadmap to help us craft high-quality software solutions for our clients. This article will walk you through the iOS and Android app lifecycle process, starting with the app’s concept and ending with the final quality assurance checks before the product launches.

Three Types of 3D Animation Techniques

Three Types of 3D Animation Techniques These days, 3D animation is everywhere, be it in movies, games, commercials, and architecture. Modern business considers 3D to be the standard when modeling product designs or to help customers through engaging animations. 3D animation has time and again proved to be an effective tool for digital marketing.   Whether modeling a product or creating blockbuster special effects, your 3D…

Best 3D Animation Software of 2017

For those planning to create an animated movie, 3D game, or intuitive UI/UX, one of the first decisions that must be made is choosing a toolset. Different kinds of assets require different kinds of applications. There are many tools you can use to bring your ideas to life with colors, textures, and fluid movement. But…