Swift for App Development – Zco Engineers Speak

The Swift programming language was introduced by Apple in 2014. It was made open source in December of 2015, and its third version entered preview status in June of 2016.   Swift is Apple’s preferred programming language for iOS apps, supplanting Objective-C. Zco’s developers have become wizards at using Swift, and I caught up with two of them for a chat about how Swift affects their work.   I spoke with Darsan, a technical lead, and Binosh, a senior software...Swift programming language logo

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Zco Opens Satellite Office in Boston, MA

We are excited to announce that we have expanded to a co-working space in Boston!   In order to better serve our growing client base, Zco has opened a new satellite office space about 40 miles southeast of our headquarters in Boston, MA. The space is located in the WeWork South Station community at 745 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02111. We hope the new office will give our clients and prospects in and south of Boston more convenient face-to-face time. We are happy to be one of...Zco co-working space at WeWork South Station

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Governor Hassan Visits Zco Corporation with Innovate NH 2.0 Plan

On Thursday, July 21, New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan continued to promote her Innovate NH 2.0 economic plan at Zco Corporation.   Zco’s President and Founder, John Olapurath, spoke first and thanked Governor Hassan for her focus on innovation. He stated how important continued business innovation is for the software industry here in New Hampshire.   “We need an innovative community to hire from,” said Olapurath, who is a University of New...NH Governor Maggie Hassan speaks at Zco Corporation

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Pokémon GO Proves Potential of Augmented Reality Games

If you somehow hadn’t heard of Pokémon before last week, you were probably brought up to speed by the latest mobile game craze.   Pokémon GO, developed by augmented reality company Niantic, became the most downloaded free app in the USA less than five hours after its release. It became the top grossing app in 14 hours.   Downloads topped 15 million by day 5 – and that’s just from iTunes and Google Play in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand,...Screenshots of Pokémon GO showing a Charmander

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Is Augmented Reality A Good Fit for Retail Woes?

This is a guest post from digital marketing specialist Ankit Thakor. What are consumers are always worried about when they think of shopping? First of all, is the quality is good or not? What about other common issues, like whether or not this will look good on me, if the color goes well with skin tone, is it a good match to my wall colors? Tons of questions arise in shoppers’ minds when they seek out products.IKEA video about their augmented reality shopping app

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