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Zco Celebrates Three Decades of Software Innovation

Zco Celebrates Three Decades of Software Innovation There’s no getting around it: Thirty years in the tech industry is the equivalent to three or four lifetimes in other industries. Since our founding in 1989, computing power has grown exponentially, mobile phones and devices have taken over the world, and the world’s economy is dictated by…

The 20 Best Apps for College Students in 2018

When it comes to college, there’s a huge array of apps available for learning, increasing productivity, and helping students organize their daily routines and curriculum. Mobile apps are an integral part of their lives, and it makes sense students would turn to them to streamline their academic and personal lives. The following are what we think are the 20 best apps for college students in 2018.

Why Fortnite Isn’t on Google Play

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, cryogenically frozen in stasis, or living off the grid in a fallout shelter, odds are you’ve heard of Fortnite. The battle royale style shooter from veteran game developer Epic has turned the entire industry on its head. With its cartoony graphics, accessible gameplay, and myriad online gaming personalities…

Top Sports Betting Apps

A recent decision handed down from the United States Supreme Court has ushered in a new era of digital sports betting. Fans of traditional sports betting, as well as other fantasy variants, now have the freedom to choose from many sports betting and wagering apps that are now on the market.

How Mobile Apps Can Benefit from Blockchain Technology

How Mobile Apps Can Benefit from Blockchain Technology Blockchain sounds like something physicists have been trying to uncover for hundreds of years, but the reality is blockchain is the new kid on the block (get it?) for managing and providing secure and reliable transactions. There are bidding wars over developers, apps that track sexual consent through blockchain, and the constant analysis and introduction of new…