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Revolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business

The Revolution of AI and ML in Business

With the revolution of AI and ML in business, it’s more important than ever to uncover what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mean. As the names suggest, the central premise is to teach an embedded device or minicomputer how to accomplish tasks on its own and to understand requests, work with the data being provided and understand that data to reach a decision or result.

Use of VR and AR Technology in Business

Benefits of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Business [2020]

There was a time not so long ago when the promise of immersive augmented reality experiences with practical applications seemed like a failed pipedream. The equipment of the time was slow, unattractive, and relegated to little more than a novelty that few people could experience. Times have changed. Let’s uncover the new augmented reality use in business. 

How to choose between Native, Hybrid, or Progressive Development Platforms [2020]

Native, Hybrid, or Progressive. Let’s dig into app development platforms. Let’s discuss how to choose between Native, Hybrid and Progressive Web App development platforms. To begin, if you are exploring or working on a mobile app development project, you may have come across various articles about the best practices or some tips and tricks. The…