Are you hiring an app developer? Here are the top 5 questions to ask.


Are you thinking about working with a software developer to create a mobile application? You need to hire an app developer that best fits your project’s needs. Understanding which questions to ask can be difficult, especially if you are pursuing mobile app development for the first time. It would be best if you considered advice from experts to help you to make a wiser decision. With so many developers worldwide claiming to offer the best services, finding proven experts at an affordable rate is essential for your project.

Creating a mobile app involves investments of money, time, and effort, regardless of your project’s scope. Choosing the right developer is a necessary step in the process. As one of the most experienced and trusted mobile app developers in the industry, we’re going to examine five questions you should always ask mobile app developers before working with them.

What application development services do they offer?

A professional developer offers a wide range of mobile app development services to their clients. Mobile app development, web design and development, game developmententerprise software solutions3D animation, augmented reality, and virtual reality services are some of the most common things our clients will ask about. High-quality developers will be able to provide you all of these services without relying on external contractors.

Utilizing a developer that offers a wide array of capabilities means you don’t have to look for another vendor when engaging in different phases of your project. For instance, creating the back-end of your mobile app if you’ve already chosen a developer is customarily done by the same developer that completed the application. Similarly, if your project requires in-depth art resources, it’s best to find someone with those capabilities to start; this could include UX/UI design, 3D art assets, or 2D still images. Your overall costs will be lower because you’ve chosen a developer that keeps these capabilities in-house. Depending on your project’s scope, it’s crucial to select a mobile app developer that meets your needs, so you aren’t relying on multiple companies to tie together your mobile app.



What mobile platforms and devices do they support? 

Choosing a hardware platform for your project is one of the most crucial parts of a mobile app. Today, most app creators are looking to build their apps for more than one platform. Building an app made for cross-platform functionality can leverage the revenue potential while bridging the gap between device disparities and smartphone users’ diversified needs.

Developing for iOS is different from Android development, as both of these operating systems require other programming languages and development technologies. The same applies to desktop system development, like Windows and macOS. Hybrid is another development option that enables you to develop apps quickly, with overall lower costs than native OS development. Hiring a developer who can provide multi-platform support for your app offers a significant advantage when you want to reconfigure or port an app to another platform in the future. If your chosen developer understands the app requirements better, they can ensure your app works well on other platforms.

Coordination between development teams, particularly if you need to develop the app for both iOS and Android, can help avoid common bugs or incompatibilities that may arise when developing the app from scratch through multiple developers. So before hiring a developer, consider the number of platforms on which they can develop apps, as this helps you measure their level of skill and expertise that they can bring to your project.



Does the developer have a strong track record with its clients? 

Asking for a developer’s portfolio and references help you to authenticate the work that the developer claims as theirs. Though most companies showcase the testimonials they received from their clients, contacting the developer directly is the best way to check their authenticity. If you have the opportunity, talk with the developer’s current and past clients to understand how professional, reliable, and responsive the developer is.

You can also assess how a developer manages their professional relationship with their clients throughout the app development process and how they cope with tight deadlines. Talk to the developer’s clients in the same industry as yours, as this kind of feedback will be more relevant when deciding. Professional app developers won’t be shy about sharing their best work, and they will have a diverse set of clients, including small businesses and world-class enterprises. A well-rounded developer that serves many kinds of clients will make a strong choice for your project.



How will they communicate with you throughout your project?

It is important to prioritize a developer who is willing to communicate openly with you throughout the app development process. Clear communication between you and your developer directly determines the quality of the finished application. Professional developers will provide you with an accurate project development plan upfront, which shows the technology’s vision and their understanding of the proposed solution. During the process, your app will go through multiple iterations as you make changes or additions to the app’s design and function.

Throughout the project’s development, the developer should regularly solicit and integrate your feedback directly into the software development process. Make sure to ask them about their app development processes, methodologies, and the project management tools that they use. Inquire how often they set up meetings with their clients to update the project development status. Check if they are going to communicate with you through phone calls, email, or Skype. If they follow an agile development methodology, they will probably use project management tools like Basecamp, JIRA, or other means. Above all else, clear and consistent communication reduces your project’s chances of not meeting your expectations.



Does the developer offer the ability to maintain and support an app after its launch? 

The final question to ask a developer you’re considering working with is regarding their post-development support policies. Keeping your app up to date and adding new features enables you to acquire new users and keep your current users steadily engaged. To achieve this, you’ll need to update and maintain the app over time. It is relatively common for apps to undergo bug fixes, modifications, new features, or functionality updates over time.

Ask the developer if they can provide on-demand support and maintenance to your app over a fixed amount of time. Select the developer who can agree with you on those terms. It is also essential to ask about the ongoing maintenance pricing and how they can create the process plan to meet your app’s future changes. A good developer will always be ready to offer added value throughout the life of your app.

Choosing the right development partner is crucial to your project’s success, as it can make or break your app’s launch, growth, and continued success. Before making any hasty decisions, conduct thorough research to analyze their technical background, experience, and skillset. Even though it takes a lot of time and effort, this preliminary research will be worth it. If you’re considering hiring an app developer for your application, consider examining our case studies or contacting us now.