Zynga hopes a line of new games and a self-run Internet service will help the company keep ahead of competitors. Most importantly, reduce its dependence on Facebook. The company dominates social gaming with FarmVille.

Announcements were made on Tuesday to begin new game ideas, titled "Project Z." These games consist of casinos to medieval landscapes. This new service will allow gamers to play through a web browser, without incorporating Facebook.

Zynga hosted a rare media event at its San Francisco headquarters just weeks after the company showed a steep drop in quarterly profit. The large media presentation was a signal the company is taking Wall Street seriously and possibly on the road to go public.

Rivals, Walt Disney Co to Electronic Arts, are developing social gaming, games that involve playing with a group of friends. Also, Tuesday, Pincus reveled new games on mobile platforms, Facebook, and in Las Vegas.

Hopefully the new ideas up Zynga's sleeve can compete with the expanding avenues for gaming.

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