Publishing professionals gather to identify opportunities in a growing digital publishing environment.

Zco Corporation announces sponsorship of the annual Digital Book World Conference and Expo. This year’s expo takes place at the Hilton New York Hotel on January 16 and 17, 2013.

Digital Book World Conference Expo Banner The annual conference aims to inform publishers of all sizes and philosophies about digital publishing strategies, and the digital transformation of previously printed material. The event brings together over 1,000 professionals in the technology and publishing industries to discern how technology and printed media are coming together.

Zco Corporation specializes in multi-platform mobile app development including iOS and Android devices. Mobile development experts representing Zco are staffing booth #17 and discussing animated books, augmented reality and the advantages of developing custom mobile applications for publishers. Augmented reality combines computer-generated images and effects with real-time environments through the use of devices such as smartphones and tablets. The inclusion of augmented reality and animated books in the digital publishing industry allows text to become interactive and more engaging.

Digital Book World’s attendees participate in various sessions across two days. The sessions focus on the challenges and opportunities facing publishers today, with an emphasis on digital publishing and using technology in the classroom. According to the conference website, over 80 speakers present their experiences in “finding the right mix of strategy and tactics to develop digital business.”

In addition to the speaker sessions, there is a series of pre-conference workshops that touch on how digital media manages copyright procedures, influences sales, and engages social media communities.

The conference promotes learning points including business operations, marketing, and implementing new technology. Each area expands on the most effective ways to grow a business through a digital transfer of printed material. The expo also serves as a place for networking and the chance to partner with authors, agents, or publishers.

The 2013 Digital Book World Conference and Expo is presented by F+W Media and Publishers Launch.

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