Zco partners with enosiX to offer low-cost ERP Development services

We are very happy to announce that Zco is launching a new partnership with enosiX. The collaboration offers low cost Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration with rapid turnaround time on custom mobile app development services. This enables us to quickly create, deploy, and maintain native apps that mobilize business processes and make them more competitive.

The Cincinnati based company enosiX, Inc. holds a worldwide customer base of more than 100 SAP users. The company provides a framework which is an ERP integration solution, connecting our .NET developers directly into ERPs like SAP to build custom mobile applications with great ease. Partnering with enosiX helps us to work even more effectively with our clients who require SAP integration. Making use of a .NET engineer instead of an ERP specialist to connect into backend systems such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics can considerably reduce development time and capital expenses. The framework helps our clients to achieve improved speeds and customization at a better price, so mobilizing its workforce isn’t as formidable or costly as before.

Custom ERP apps are on high demand on the app market, while ERP developers are scarce in number and if available are highly specialized. For this reason, dedicated ERP developers can command as much as $150-$250 per hour. Our collaboration with enosiX helps us to achieve the same end result at cost effective rates.

There are many advantages that custom enterprise mobile apps offer for businesses, like Enterprise Application Chart in iPhoneenhanced performance efficiency, expedited approvals, point of sale on mobile terminals, and accessible real-time data on the go. In spite of these benefits, the cost involved in developing custom enterprise mobile applications can be a barrier. According to Gartner, “A notable portion of an overall mobile app project cost - as much as 70% in some cases - can be attributed to integrating the mobile app with established enterprise applications, services and data sources.”

The enosiX framework connects developers with data and business processes to deliver native app experience. It enables our large team of .NET developers to access ERPs via a friendly Application Programming Interface (API) using a familiar app development suite. Since the framework doesn’t need any middleware, the cost of maintaining the apps can be greatly reduced.

"Our custom software development services have evolved over the last 25 years,” said Don Austin, Zco’s Vice President. “We have always embraced frameworks that make programming more efficient for enterprise websites, backend systems, frontend desktop software, and mobile apps. Partnering with enosiX helps us to work even more effectively with clients requiring SAP integration."

“For large corporations implementing mobile strategies speed in initial development, and in deploying updates, is a key focus”, says Philippe Jardin, President and Co-Founder at enosiX, Inc. “Zco’s dedicated .NET resources and experience in enterprise software development is a good match for the advantages our Framework provides to this market.”

Zco Corporation’s association with enosiX reflects our commitment to provide quality ERP development services to our potential clients. To learn more about our custom mobile app development services, email us or give us a call at 603-881-9200.

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