Zco Corporation will be attending and exhibiting at this year’s Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference on November 27 and 28. The event will be held at the Radisson Hotel and Expo Center located in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Visual from Tonji Augmented Reality App

Representatives from Zco will be located at booth #65 to demonstrate the effective use of interactive textbooks in the classroom. The use of augmented reality and high-end 3D content presents the ability to make textbooks highly interactive, whether printed or digital. This approach puts the student in a position to control the perspective of an image, and use his or her hands to manipulate it.

According to a study on the effects of an Apple iPad being used in the classroom, scores jumped 20 percent compared to classrooms that use traditional textbooks. As more educators begin to incorporate the use of technology into their teaching, there are different practices emerging.

The Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference, sponsored by the New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education (NHSTE), aims to bring together over 100 exhibitors and speakers to present various methods of using advanced technology in the classroom. The goal of the event is to serve as a forum for exchanging technology-based strategies, success stories, and management tips. Keynote speakers will cover topics including integrating technology, learning practices for the 21st century, and allowing technology to provide a more hands-on learning experience.

An opportunity for sharing best practices that “engage and empower students” will be available in a session titled “Super Share-A-Thon.” The session will provide a casual atmosphere in which successful strategies can be shared between administrators and students.

The conference website notes that the NHSTE “understands that to embrace new teaching and learning resources, educators need opportunities to explore and master these resources.” To meet this need, the conference will also offer over 40 hands-on workshops that train educators to effectively manage technology devices in a classroom setting. The workshops present the opportunity to interact with applications on a series of provided devices or on a personally owned mobile device.

Presented materials in keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops will be available for review on the conference website.

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