NOTE: As of February 2013, PolicePad and FireTab are now PublicEye®.

Zco Corporation, a custom software company headquartered in Hudson, New Hampshire, is expanding to an eighth worldwide location. The new facility is located at the Millyard Technology Park in Nashua, NH.

Zco Corporation Office Millyard Technology Park Nashua

Zco Corporation Office Interior ViewThe Millyard Technology Park is located adjacent to Mine Falls Park trails, which will allow employees and guests to enjoy numerous recreational activities such as walking, boating, fishing, cross-country skiing, and biking.

The technology park itself includes an in-house café serving full breakfast and lunch, 50” plasma televisions, and a lounge area complete with pool tables. Nashua River just outside Groton, Massachusetts

The new office space is an open concept, two-level suite with views of the Nashua River. The company is currently in the process of renovating, with a goal of moving part of its staff to the technology park by October 1. The renovations will include an employee “activity zone” with badminton courts.

The technology park is one of six new locations that have been added over the past two years for the corporation. It adds a second office in New Hampshire, along with an existing Zco retreat in Maui, Hawaii. CNN’s America’s Top States for Business 2012 report rates New Hampshire and Hawaii as number one and number two in the country for quality of life.

Pool Tables in Zco“This office expansion is a direct result of significant growth for Zco over the past few years,” said Katie Meurin, Director of Marketing with Zco Corporation. “We’ve doubled the number of New Hampshire employees, and have happily outgrown our space in Hudson, NH.”

The company anticipates continued growth in the coming years partially as a result of its new mobile products – PolicePad and FireTab.

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