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Zco Corporation, one of the largest mobile app developers in the world, is proud to announce a new YouTube series "Mobile Biz Buzz". Mobile Biz Buzz will give viewers a shot of interesting weekly news from the mobile world. The series is geared to allow viewers to get up to speed on mobile news in a quick and entertaining fashion. Mobile Biz Buzz will cover a wide variety of mobile topics including; mobile technologies, hot app releases and upgrades, industry leaders, mobilizing business processes and cell phone manufacturer announcements.

Mobile Biz Buzz youtube video series of Zco corporation

The star of the Mobile Biz Buzz series, Zco’s own Kayla Borchers, gives an illustrative, succinct & humorous interpretation of mobile industry relevant news. Kayla’s quirky personality along with graphic visuals and video side clips are sure to captivate your attention. Producer/Director Matt Henry states, "There is so much going on in the mobile world, Mobile Biz Buzz will have plenty of fresh and interesting content to cover each week". In the pilot episode of Mobile Biz Buzz, Kayla discusses Apple's bumper give-away, Microsoft's plan to help build an app market as well as Facebook & Paypal’s Android app updates.

The series will feature quick videos generally less than 1.5 minutes, and will follow mobile trends including utilization of mobile devices, apps, accessories and new hardware. Mobile Biz Buzz is perfect for any one who is looking to stay abreast of mobile news quickly and easily! Tune in to get your weekly fix of Mobile Biz Buzz! Zco Corporation offers services in Custom Software Development & Mobile Application Development, as well as Digital Marketing including Video, SEO & 3D animations. Learn more about our services by visiting our homepage.

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