On Wednesday, November 19th Zco opened their doors for the 25th Anniversary Fall Harvest event. The celebration was hosted in the Riverview Café at our corporate headquarters, Nashua’s Millyard Technology Park.  The event was full of food, networking, and lots of fun.
katie meurin 25th Anniversary Party
Katie Meurin, Director of Marketing, greeted everyone as they entered the celebration.

25th Anniversary Pool Tournament Zco Anniversary Pool Tournament

One of the biggest hits was the pool tournament. Laura Millar, Marketing Specialist, managed the bracket and both Zco employees and guests participated in the friendly competition.
Zco 25th Anniversary Pitching Booth
Another activity guests enjoyed was the pitching booth. Businesses were able to discuss their app idea with Don Austin, Vice President, and Courtney Caudle, Account Executive. This allowed attendees to get answers to their app development questions.
Zco 25th Anniversary Game Station
At the event we made sure to recognize our clients. Many of the attendees enjoyed playing games including Hungry Bunnies 3D, AgRacer, QB8, and Dino Fight

Zco 25th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting  25th Anniversary Ribbon Cutting by John Olapurath

The highlight of the evening was the ceremonial ribbon cutting. John Olapurath, Founder and President, gave a brief speech thanking everyone for attending. After the speech, the executive team including Linda Reilly, Chief Financial Officer, and Don Austin, Vice President, stood next to Olapurath while he cut the silver ribbon in honor of our silver anniversary.
Zco Anniversary Celebrations Venue
Overall, the event was a huge success thanks to the members of our local business community. We appreciate everyone who came out to celebrate with us and enjoyed learning about your businesses. We look forward to seeing you at future events and out in the local community!

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