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DOMAINfest app developers conference

Years before the iPhone, I registered some domain names envisioning them as apps or widgets. But even as the development fever peaked, with millions of apps making their way to iPhone, I felt I had an equally brilliant idea with some of my concepts but had no idea how to go about making a mobile app.

That all changed last Wednesday when by chance I found myself having lunch at Domainfest seated in between power justice fighter John Berryhill, and David Asplund of mobile app developer Zco. On a iPad, Dave showcased his impressive portfolio of mobile GEO apps and his client was also seated at the table and gave a raving review. David's video demo is pasted below.

I spoke to David about an idea that's been lying in wait for ten years: "Mazel" is a yiddish expression meaning good luck and with deep emotional roots to a large targeted niche in the Jewish communities worldwide. It's common for one to wish Mazel to another for occasions like weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, new jobs, new home purchases etc. It's a variation on and two sites that have exploded because of apps which make customization easy and take a lot of traditional time and expense off the plate. Also it makes possible what was never possible before, thanks to the power of the web.

I've targeted a great artist with the perfect illustrations for online cards but always wondered about the monetization since people are accustomed to sending cards for free. Hence the charging for the application itself which would enable to the licensee to send all "the Mazel they can master." The app would be fairly simple opening an AOL like template where you could chose an image, some words (or edit them to your own), send and also send a reminder to others interested in this occasion that they can send Mazel too. For an additional fee, a special sub-domain page can be set for board of wellwishes to live online for perpetuity. Imagine your great Grandkids going to a site where they can read what all your friends and family had to say before you were married.

Dave was really excited about the idea, agreeing that it was tailor-made for an app, and that with all the card apps out there, I had hit on something truly unique. We will continue discussions this week.

No matter how many years I've been around, nor as many conferences as I've attended, I always learn something new and find new resources that can help further my career ambitions. Last year there was no way that this could be done for under six-figures. Now it's very affordable when you can find a developer that already has a core platform that can be applied.

I suggest you make some time and investment to attend at least one conference this year. The upcoming first Epik Domain Developer's Conference and T.r.a.f.f.i.c Miami would be great choices because I already know the power people (including me) that will be attending.

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