Hi, my name is Ed Barone. I am a construction worker, and now I’m an app developer. Word-Ed is a game that I originally created with my kids and now you can download it today on the app store.

Word-Ed is a word search game but the twist is that all the letters are covered by tiles. You roll a die to remove the tiles, revealing the letters underneath, trying to find the words in the word bank.

Word-Ed is also educational as it gives you a definition for each word that gets found. You can play single player against the clock, or you can play two player against a friend based on points.

I found Zco by doing an Internet search for app developers. What stood out the most was the fact that there was an actual phone number that I could call and talk to somebody about my ideas.

I met with David and Michael. I brought some drawings up for what I wanted the app to look like, and they were able to recreate that identically to what I had in mind.

So the amount of time that it took for Zco to create the app was a lot less time than I had anticipated. It was basically one month from the first meeting until I was seeing demos of the game. It’s cool having an app in the app store, and I’m glad that I worked with Zco to help create my app.

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