T-Mobile is the latest mobile service provider to rearrange its pricing structure and product offerings this summer to account for greater data usage by customers with smartphones and tablets.Wireless network providers

The carrier said that it would re-introduce a plan with unlimited data on September 5, according to an Associated Press story. Unlimited data will cost $20 in addition to a calling and texting plan, said Reuters.

With 33.2 million subscribers, T-Mobile is the fourth-largest carrier in the United States and uses GSM technology on its cellular network.

Sprint Nextel, a CDMA carrier, has been able to claim exclusivity in offering an unlimited plan that did not reduce data speed for heavy users among the four largest carriers, but T-Mobile’s move puts the two in direct competition. Its unlimited Data Pack is $15 per month. Sprint is the third-largest carrier in the US.

MetroPCS, a distant fifth in terms of customer base in the US, announced earlier this week that it was dropping the price of its own unlimited calling, texting, and data plan from $70 to $55 per month.

Earlier this summer, both Verizon Wireless and AT&T announced that they would be moving toward shared data plans for new customers. Verizon’s offering, called Share Everything, includes unlimited calling and texting for all devices on an account and then adds a shared data allowance at a fixed price and a fee for each additional device using data.

AT&T’s service is called Mobile Share and is not yet available for purchase.

Verizon, the largest mobile service provider in the country, uses CDMA wireless technology in its phones, so customers switching but wanting to keep their phones would likely choose Sprint. Likewise, AT&T, the number 2 provider, is a GSM provider like T-Mobile.

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