With the growing popularity of iPad and Android models, Research in Motion (RIM) is set to release a BlackBerry tablet – the PlayBook – on April 19.

RIM announced last week that the PlayBook will have optional players that will allow users to run BlackBerry Java apps and Android v2.3 apps. However, the new app players for the PlayBook will not be available until the summer. This means users who buy the PlayBook right away will have to wait months before they can try out Android apps on the tablet.

According to BlackBerry, the announcement “doesn’t mean that RIM is working with Google to bring Android marketplace to BlackBerry, but rather that developers who have made Android apps can sign up as BlackBerry App World developers and distribute their apps to BlackBerry PlayBook owners via App World.”

This convoluted and seemingly deceptive market strategy leaves reviewers perplexed and skeptical of the platform’s overall success. Moreover, it raises the concern that RIM could hinder its current customer base, which is corporate users, by trying to cater to the gaming and consumer market.


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