The question could also be stated, why not iPhone development? Really though, this platform is the way to go when choosing application development. There are plenty of facts to prove the iPhone is the best platform to develop on. The following will explain each of the benefits. Application development is a growing industry that can be lucrative. Choosing the right platform to develop is a crucial component to revenue generated by the final product.

The first reason to have the Apple platform is because it is the largest mobile phone brand. Each quarter, iPhones sell by the millions. It has been a steady increase over the years, and ever since Verizon announced they would start selling the iPhone on the Verizon Wireless Network. The proof is in the numbers, at the end of 2010 an average of 9 million iPhones were sold each quarter. Now, in 2011, the average number of iPhones sold each quarter is 17 million. Since the announcement of the iPhone 4S, Apple has now become the largest handset vendor in the world. If knowing millions of customers are accessible through iPhone development doesn’t put this platform at the forefront, I don’t know what will. Let’s continue.

There are many benefits that show the iPhone will only grow with consumers. The main reasons are because of the features that come along with having an Apple iPhone.

  • One feature is the information services that are easily accessible with a tap of a finger. This replaces the dated phone book by allowing search directly from the phone to find a number in seconds. Local weather information is also available through this feature.
  • Multimedia content is a big improvement from many other phones. With the iPhone, you can seamlessly access music, photos, and streaming videos all right from the Internet.

Due to the high volume of iPhone users, the app store has virtually every option to make your phone do anything a desktop computer could do. This is no exaggeration. You can submerge yourself within a market of endless opportunity, when utilizing iTunes. When you develop an application on iOS you must stand yourself apart from the crowd. This could include a game that has better quality then the rest, an application that can do something new and better, or with your marketing tactics such as in-app advertising or web page banners on sites that are the same category as the application.

Not only do all of these features prove the iPhone is the best choice for development, but it is truly the best everyday phone. The phone has a high quality speakerphone to make driving hands free a breeze. FaceTime is a feature that allows every day working people to keep in touch with family instantly when traveling for business.

This is why iPhone development is the best choice. The iPhone is very easy to navigate; a simple touch can get you where you need to be. Apple will continue to update and make the iPhone the best of the best.

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