Let’s begin with what a web application is.

  • A web application is an application that is retrieved over a network. The application can only be used within a browser, such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.
  • Web application development is popular because of the convenience of using it in a web browser. Another popularity factor is having the ability to update and maintain the web application without installing any software onto computers.
  • Examples of web applications are, online retail stores or webmail.
  • It can be a free service, such as Google Docs, or it can be an at cost service.

Next, web application interface will be discussed.

  • Methods like playing sounds or drawing are all part of application methods. Technologies such as Flash Java and DHTML make these functions possible.
  • Client side interface allows for the user to interact with the application, but not reload the page every so often.
  • An example of client side scripting with server side technology is known as PHP. PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor and is used as a general-purpose scripting language.
  • PHP web application development can set a web page apart from all others. PHP provides building blocks to provide rapid application development.

Web application development has a structure to the design. Each application is broken into tiers, and each tier is assigned a role.

  • The most common web application is the three-tiered application. Each tier is represented by a name.
  • In three-tiered development the names are, first to third tier:

Presentation- In this step the web browser is selected.

Application- In this tier you pick and begin developing your web application with the technology you want to develop on.

Storage- In this tier the database is presented. This will allow for queries and updates to be made.

Writing a web application takes expert knowledge.

  • To produce exceptional web sites that effectively marry technology and design you must use a web developer. Using expert PHP developers, functional analysts, and creative designers ensure that your application will not only look good, but will be easy to use, fast, and highly functional.

Business use for web applications is growing rapidly.

  • Demand for custom web applications stretches the efforts and resources of internal IT departments beyond reason. The situation gets worse when new technologies emerge or when sophisticated functionalities have to be introduced.
  • Web applications allow a common interface for everyone using it. It is good for interoffice work because everyone is on a single platform, and removes gaps in functionalities.
  • A popular, and current, example of a successful web application is SalesForce. Salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing company that is helping companies connect to customers and employees like never before. Their motto is Low Cost. Low Risk. Fast Results.

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