Most small business owners need to stay current with technology to stay ahead in the market. According to a survey from AT&T, more than 1/3 of small business owners admit that it would be challenging to survive without mobile apps. With more than 72 percent of small business owners using mobile app development services in their operations, the number of owners that find them essential is sure to increase as time goes by.

If you aren’t using mobile apps to help manage your small business yet, you’re missing out. Many tasks are made easier with the right app. Easier tasks means you have more time and will be increasingly productive. Best of all, the right apps can save you money (which any small business owner knows is a plus!)

Social Media Apps

Think of your customers and ask yourself how many use social media sites. Now ask yourself whether you’re involved in their feeds. If you’re not, you’re missing out on both a great marketing opportunity and a chance to interact with your customers. When you don’t have time to sit down at the computer and add posts every day, stay abreast of online interactions with mobile apps. Waiting for a meeting to start? Respond to comments with the Facebook app. You won’t waste as much time when you have work at your fingertips.

GPS and MapsRoad Traffic View
Get to meetings on time. Send employees to the right warehouse. Plan a route for a business trip that includes stopping at a supplier. GPS and mapping software helps you get it right the first time and will keep you from hitting traffic on I-95 and spending hours stuck. Try MotionX GPS Drive, which routes you based on traffic predictions. Many GPS programs are now equipped with real time traffic information, too.


Budgeting and Finance

Don’t wait to input that business lunch or supply purchase until the end of the day. Keep a list of what you’re spending on your mobile device so you never miss a purchase. With apps that do everything from scanning receipts to uploading data to a synced website, it’s easy to keep your finances in order with mobile apps. Try iXpenseIt, for example, if you’re interested in tracking your purchases, creating expense reports and budgeting in an app.

Time Management

Salesforce LogoKeep track of what you and your staff does to ensure complete productivity during the day with mobile apps. Salesforce, for example, can help a team keep in touch about individual progress without a lengthy meeting or presentations. The mobile app helps keep people connected without booting up a computer – and the time required to find one, access an internet connection and log on to the website.

Those are just some of the tasks made easier with mobile apps; other apps, like iShare, which lets you upload and search for documents, are also available for download. Try installing a few apps today and see where it leads your business.

What small business apps would you recommend?

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