Are you showcasing your company’s services at a trade show? Here’s why you may want to consider using a mobile app:

Mobile apps are reinventing the way companies interact with the consumer market. It’s easy to be passed over on the trade show floor when your main attraction is a table littered with business cards, pens and candy. Here are some examples of how companies are using mobile apps to beat out the competition.

The use of mobile apps has the potential to make your company rise above the white noise of a busy trade show. A more visually stimulating mobile app that features interactive images, 3D games or augmented reality (AR) can be a great kick-start into conversation about what your company offers. David Brull, VP of Marketing for the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, offers this advice: “If you have a product people can play with, make sure you can bring it. The whole point of face-to-face marketing is so people can touch and feel things.” Trade show attendees are much more likely to listen and extend their time at a booth if they feel engaged.

With an app tailored to showcase your company’s services, potential leads can instantly be informed in an engaging and entertaining way. An app has the capability to instantly show off a company’s product line and website in a compelling way. Best-selling products might feature 3D displays that a customer can interact with including pinch-to-zoom and customizing options. Zco is a leading developer of 3D animation and games. Our team walks the customer through an intensive process in order to develop an app that meets the wow factor needs of the customer. Here’s a great example of how AR can help you gain attention:

Mobile apps also have the possibility of gathering lead information quickly and efficiently. After engaging the customer through a game or visual display, an option to email them more information can be presented. Any customer information collected during the show can be customized with relevant customer comments or insights about that particular lead’s interests.

A business might incorporate wireless orders into their app arsenal, thereby allowing the customer to instantly purchase a product or request a sample. The information would then be immediately transferred to the sales department for processing.

After the show, data collected by the app can be used to create personalized emails and invitations to connect on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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