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Augmented Reality mobile Apps for marketing

Using Augmented Reality (AR) mobile apps for marketing has already proven to be a successful business strategy, particularly in the fields of real estate, product marketing and military training.

Other major industries benefiting from AR technology include education, museums, the medical sector, travel and tourism. Users of augmented reality mobile apps need not be gaming or media lovers; typical smartphone users can use this technology to fetch a particular object description or location-based detail.

Retail Augmented Reality

In the retail industry AR technology is being used to enhance the experience of visiting and shopping at an apparel shop, grocery store, airport lounge, bank branch or restaurant. A customer could browse through various products by capturing an image or video through the smartphone’s camera. Upon identification of the product, the app displays complete info relating to the product.

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

It doesn’t end with shopping; AR can be even used in the commercial real estate market. Just by pointing your smartphone at any commercial building, you could find possible space for rent, available units and more.

Augmented Reality App Examples

Some of the most popular multi-platform Augmented Reality mobile apps include:

  • Wikitude Top Rated Mobile Augmented Reality Travel appWikitude is one of the top rated mobile augmented reality tools, helping to display location-specific details for the user. The app utilizes the mobile camera and accelerometer to identify and describe millions of points of interest in its ever-expanding database. The tool has won multiple awards and has been named the best Augmented Reality browser for the location-based approach. It is available free for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows Phone.
  • Word Lens translation program by Quest VisualWord Lens by Quest Visual is a translation program, but all the user has to do is point a smartphone camera at clearly printed text. Signs, books, menus,and other texts are displayed in your language of choice as part of the original object. The app itself is free for Android and iOS, though language packs for translating between English and Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese are currently priced at $4.99 each.
  • Aurasma - Industry leading AR animation appAurasma is an Augmented Reality platform from HP, which comes as an SDK as well as a free app for Android and iOS devices. The technology utilizes the device camera to create AR for animations, videos, 3D models and more based on real world objects. Various business enterprises are using this platform to provide information, enhance sales, create brand awareness, and improve customer engagement.

The rise and demand of Augmented Reality technology is increasing the scope of where business branding can be seen and helping businesses to interact more intimately with potential buyers. The concept can be applied to various sectors including software, health, education, quality & analysis, finance, and more.

With the help of AR technology, you could appeal to users in a very advanced way. If you'd like to explore augmented reality development for yourself, call (603) 881-9200 or email us!

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is the process of enhancing visuals of the real world in real time with the help of computer graphics. With the assistance of Augmented Reality, you can add descriptions and definitions to places and objects in the real world. AR is a distinct technology from virtual reality as it takes real world objects or space as its foundation. It then integrates with various device features like GPS and Internet connectivity to add appropriate information and describe the space or subject.

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