Unity 3D Game Development When our app developers need an engine for our latest client’s new mobile game idea, they turn to Unity 3D.

According to a survey by Game Developer magazine in May 2012, Unity was listed as the most popular game engine for mobile app developers. Why so popular? Well, the same survey ranked “Rapid development time” as the most important feature for an engine to have. That’s one of Unity’s signature advantages: quick, intuitive tools that let developers be creative rather than fight with unruly software.

The engine comes with the integrated Unity Editor, a workspace for building a game. It includes:

  • a Project Browser listing all the assets in a developer’s current project
  • the Inspector for adjusting the properties of one’s assets
  • a Game view for previewing what the game will look like
  • a Scene view that acts as a developer’s sandbox
  • the Hierarchy showing all GameObjects in a scene

Unity 3D game development is also made easier by its wide compatibility with 3D modeling applications. Unity can use meshes, textures, anims and bones from Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender, Lightwave, and a dozen other programs. No matter what workflow a particular developer prefers, it’s a good bet that his or her work can be imported seamlessly into Unity.

Assets can be created from scratch, but can also be downloaded from the vast Unity Asset Store. Artwork, scripts, and other assets are available for purchase, or for free in some cases.

Of course, speed and compatibility mean nothing if the engine doesn’t produce great results. Frankly, that’s the top priority for our developers, and Unity 3D delivers. A game can have a cartoony, animated look, or it can be hyper-realistic with atmospheric fog and shadows.

Once a game is complete, it can be compiled for multiple platforms with only minor changes. The same game can be published not only to iOS and Android, but also to Windows, Mac OS, and Linux; web browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari; and consoles like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U.

Do you have a game idea you’d like to bring to life? Our Unity 3D game development experts can help you realize your dream, and possibly more quickly than you thought. Email us to start the process!

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