There has been a lot of spark and growing interest about the new iPad that was announced March 6, 2012.  I’ve taken to Twitter to see what the world has been saying about it… and surprisingly, it’s not what you would think. I thought I'd see the majority of tweets about the excitement of the release or about new features, instead the gates of Twitter were flooded with tweets about the name #newipad.

  • Apple just confusingly named the iPad 3 “the new iPad” dropping the 3. Steve Jobs must be a spinning  beach ball in his grave.Dane Cook comments about the name iPad 3

A little jab from Dane Cook! Others are tweeting:

  • TechCrunch comment about the new iPad 3“Hey, do you have the new iPad? The iPad 3? No, it’s just called the iPad. So you have the first one? No, it’s new. – TechCrunch.

All funniness aside, there have been some tweets about the new and improved features:


  • 22 Minutes comments about the new iPad 3 screen#NewiPad has much crisper screen. Now you can see just how angry those birds are.

And even some playful tweets about the competition:


  • Cassidy Quinn comments about iPad 3 connectivityOh shoot! New iPad has 4G LTE. Good job, Apple, for finally catching up to @Motorola and the rest of the good (Android) world…! #OCNN

When all is said and done, most just can’t wait to get their hands on the new device set to hit stores March 16, 2012.

  • Karthik Kastury comments about the new iPad 3 priceDrooling over the new iPad3. It is simply the most beautiful and most gorgeous hand held device ever.

And who would have guessed there would also be excitement with this announcement in regards to the iPad2? Apple dropped its price to be $100 cheaper.

  • Nicki Bahrampour comments about iPad 3The only real benefit of the new ipad is that the previous version is now cheaper.

Regardless, right now, it is all about the iPad. Jump on the bandwagon and join the #newipad, #ipad3 or #ipadhd hashtags on Twitter! We certainly enjoy hearing all the buzz!

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