Any business that is looking to improve brand awareness on the internet, sell a product to potential investors, add multimedia content to e-books, or showcase a product or service in a captivating way should consider using videos services. These days everyone can have access to a video camera, whether it's on the computer, smartphone, flip camcorder, and so on. However, an investment in a professional video service will make an average video production turn into something with high-value.

One area that makes a major difference in using a video service is camera quality. If you want any live-action footage in your video, then it's best to go with a higher end camera. While even inexpensive cameras can now record 720 and 1080p footage, you won't find the same image quality. Professional, and even prosumer level cameras offer superior optics and adjustability. This provides a clear picture with total control over areas such as color, frame-rate, and depth of field. Certain cameras also offer an ability to record at such a high frame per second rate that they can deliver extremely fluid slow motion effects.

Image quality is just one factor to consider. It's equally important to have great sound. This includes voice recording, sound effects, and music. The basic microphone that's built into your phone or computer, and even the microphone built into a camcorder are serviceable, but certainly far from professional. If you've ever tried to record with one of the aforementioned, then you're familiar with the sound of static, echo, and background hum. With the right recording equipment you'll get clean audio which can be left as-is, or manipulated to your liking in the post-production phase using computer software. Useful microphones for recording sound include the lavaliere, boundary, and shotgun. Microphones can then be connected to a mixer for extra control over the final recording, often including features like a high pass filter (good for removing noise like if you were recording near construction) and equalizers to tweak the sound even further.

The last, and an absolutely vital piece of the video production puzzle offered by video services is post-production. This is where the video and audio is compiled into an editing program, or multiple programs. This can include Final Cut Pro from Apple, Media Composer from Avid, and a number of programs. An editor can then select clips and order them to tell a story that moves smoothly from shot to shot. Graphics can then be added to further improve the production value. These graphics might include a company logo, overlays listing product features, and even 3D objects integrated into live-action video using a process called match moving (used in Geico commercials, for example). If you want a high-end video for your business, choosing a video service is the right decision.

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