Bright colors, cheerful songs, and interactive learning characterize “Tonji the Musical Ambassador,” a new iPad app for children.
Tonji the Musical Ambassador, a new iPad app for children

The bright colors and friendly animations delight and entertain your child while they learn. It’s rated for children four and up. Parents can even get involved in the fun, since Tonji comes equipped with parent and child audio recording options. Once the app is downloaded, simply open it and experience the international fun!

Nursery rhymes like “Frere Jaques,” a French song for children, play while an animated, apple-cheeked child grins out from the screen and lyrics run across the bottom.

There are three songs preloaded on the app: “Pulgarcito,” a Portuguese song; “Maua Mazuri,” a Swahili song, and the aforementioned “Frere Jacques.” These, and songs added as the app is updated, are organized according to the continent where they originate. “Maua Mazuri,” for example, is categorized in Africa. Children can learn geography basics as they sing along to cultural favorites.

The locations include Egypt, near the Sphinx; Rome, in the Coliseum; and Brazil, with the famous statue of Jesus perched on a hill. As your child explores the virtual environment and the culture of that area, they’ll experience the world through the iPad screen and learn about differences in cultures that help create who we are.

Children also learn words in Tonji, like “Avion,” the Portuguese word for plane. The app opens up many cultures to your child in a fun, familiar way. They get an age-appropriate overview of basic words, songs and traditions.
Tonji iPad App Welcome Screen
You’ll love watching your children dance and sing – as one iTunes reviewer notes – when they’re interacting with the characters on Tonji. The creator of the app, a native Peruvian and mother of two, designed it to capture the interest of children.

Tonji’s name was inspired by the Chinese word Tǒngyī, which means unity. Tonji can be downloaded from the iTunes store for only $2.99.

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