More than 200,000 visitors attended the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) held September 20-23, featuring not just console and PC titles but innovations in mobile and augmented reality gaming technologies.Augmented reality games

Gamespot reported that the organizer of the event, the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA), recorded 223,753 attendees, a record number for TGS. There were 209 companies from 19 countries exhibiting there, including new companies from Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

As Kotaku calculated from an IGN tally, more than 70 percent of all games exhibited at the show were for mobile devices. Out of 715 titles, 365 were made for iOS and/or Android smartphones and/or tablets, while another 142 were made for “other smartphones.” Portable systems and console systems each had fewer than 100 titles on display, and PC titles totaled only 32.

Attendees could sample some augmented reality games courtesy of Sony hardware. One game called “Box! Open Me” required two players, each with a portable PlayStation Vita. A Joystiq writer tried the game, and said that its cooperative aspect made it much more engaging than other augmented reality games he’d tried. The object of the puzzle game, which gets a wide release this winter in Japan, is to open a series of boxes that are locked with various novel mechanisms like clamps and lasers.

Sony also displayed the “Prototype-SR” (Substitutional Reality) headset, a head-mounted display with headphones and front-mounted camera. As reported and photographed by Engadget, the unit appeared to be Sony’s existing HMZT1 Personal 3D Viewer with a camera added on to provide head-tracking functionality, relaying the direction the user is looking back to a game system. Extra information can then be overlaid on the game or the real environment around the player based on the direction he or she is looking.

With record attendance, the Tokyo Game Show suggests that the future of mobile and augmented reality gaming is bright.

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