Admit it, you Google yourself. Or Bing yourself, or DuckDuckGo yourself, or whatever – search for your own name online.
Everybody does it. We do it too, and often find ourselves running into some alter egos that are nothing like us. It’s…eerie. 'Tis the season, right?
Reminder: Zco Corporation is one of the world’s largest custom app development companies. We are not any of the following:

An airport in Chile

Temuco Airport, Chile

Heading to South America? Temuco Airport might not be your first choice, since it’s pretty small, but its International Air Transport Association code is ZCO. That makes a visit tempting in itself, but the area does look kind of nice anyway.
According to Wikipedia, the place is called Maquehue Airport, it’s “closed to the public”, and its IATA code has been “redesignated”. Plenty of travel sites offer flights, though. They can’t all be scams.

A Tube station in London

Croxley Station, London

Supposedly, the Croxley station of the London Underground does, did, or might have once been going to use the three-letter identification code ZCO. Wikipedia strikes again with a disambiguation page, with some (maybe?) corroboration from other pages appearing to use scraped Wikipedia content.

Transport for London uses both numerical codes, and three-letter codes for different purposes, referring to Croxley as 554 and CRX, but not ZCO. National Rail doesn’t even list Croxley, which makes the Wikipedia entry even more dubious.  But hey, it does also list…

An Indian STEM competition

Zonal Computing Olympiad STEM competition, India

Now the Zonal Computing Olympiad, this sounds cool. (Remember, we’re nerds.) It’s part of the Indian Computing Olympiad, where students up to grade 12 compete in algorithm creation and computer programming. Registration actually closes this week for the event on November 15.
Exam centers are distributed in 34 cities around India, which is presumably where the “zonal” part of the name comes from. Kids can advance all the way to the International Olympiad for Informatics, which will be held in Kazan, Russia in August of 2016.
I mean, I won a few local spelling bees back in the day, but dang.

A dissolved storage company's remnants

OCZ drive - Storage Solutions

Yeah, definitely not us. OCZ Technology Group formed in 2002, but its assets were purchased by Toshiba in early 2014. The new subsidiary was dubbed OCZ Storage Solutions and still sells solid state drives today. The original company was renamed ZCO Liquidating Corporation and later in 2014 it was, well, liquidated.
Rather than dip into some salacious stories out there regarding OCZ’s business practices leading to its bankruptcy and reemergence, let’s just move on.

A commercial or military radio code 

A commercial or military radio code, Z-code Ham radio

Rumor has it that our company president is a ham radio enthusiast, but supposedly the existence of a three-letter “Z-code” using the letters ZCO has nothing to do with our company name. That’s easy to believe, since it’s hard to imagine the code’s meanings having anything to do with software development.
The original ZCO service code, developed for commercial use by Cable & Wireless Ltd., means “Your collation omitted.” There’s also a ZCO military code created by NATO, which when combined with numerals is an instruction to suppress or open a specific telegraph channel.

A young women’s denim brand

Zco Jeans Premium

The oddest part about Zco Jeans Premium is that it doesn’t have much of a Web presence of its own. The brand is currently sold at places like Macy’s and JC Penney, but tracking down the company that makes them required a Whois lookup. The Internet Archive has snapshots of the site as recent as September 28, but it looks stagnant since 2011.
Even the brand name itself is a bit confused. It’s variously styled “ZCO”, “ZCo.”, “Z co.”, and of course “Zco”, like our name. You okay, Z?

An Indonesian Facebook… thing

Facebook group page interface displayed

As far as we can tell, “depaZco corporatiOn” is not so much a company as it is a group of young dudes in Indonesia who are friends. They appear to like bats, street festivals, motorcycles, and fishing, if their photos are any indication.
All of depaZco’s posts occur in the last active days of Zco Jeans Premium’s site, a four-month period in 2011. Coincidence? Could they be connected? The world may never know.
We hope all the Zcos everywhere are doing well.

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