There is no question that Disney is a powerhouse in the animated film world, but do we really understand the magnitude of their creations? We, as consumers to these brilliant visual masterpieces, have been awed for years by its creations.  Disney’s animated films have spanned over decades, some classics that come to mind include:

 The Little Mermaid animated movie of Disney
  • 1937 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • 1989 Little Mermaid

  • 1992 Aladdin

  • 1998 Mulan

The Disney Movie Guide Rankings includes a list of the best-animated Disney movies of all time, polled on a daily basis. The tops ratings today included the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. These are the classics that will live on well beyond their early 90’s release dates.

Fast forward a couple years and we ride a wave into computer-animated films. 2001 brought this technology mainstream with Pixar’s film Monsters Inc. and started a curve of higher quality animated films including Dreamwork’s Shrek and Disney’s Finding Nemo in 2003.

After looking through a brilliant past, my question is, what are the animated films of the future? What are the animated blockbuster films, which are making our favorite Disney animations look like ancient artifacts? This spring and summer is expected to bring phenomenal 3d animated films to the theaters. I’m sure the list is growing, but here are some incredibly intricate, animated graphic films set to release in 2012:

John Carter- Disney animated movie
  • John Carter kicks the season off the season tomorrow on March 9, 2012. This movie combines people and futuristic, alien like, character animations. Critically acclaimed Avatar hit theaters in 2009, and John Carter is said to emulate this movie. Similarities include human interaction to another planet, and conflict among habitants of the world/planet.

  • The Avengers is the super hero team up of a lifetime! Hitting theaters May 4. The teams mission is to save the world from the brink of disaster. This is a collaboration of many of the iconic Marvel super heroes, based on the Avengers comic book series.

  • Brave is coming to theaters just in time for summer break on June 22. It follows the heroic journey of Merida, who confronts tradition and challenges destiny to change her fate.

As a marketing specialist with a 3D animation studio I certainly respect the work that goes into these masterpieces and as a consumer I appreciate the exciting and captivating experience that animated films bring to the table. What films are you looking forward to seeing this summer and what are some of your favorite classic animated films?

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