This just in. The new Amazon Kindle Fire will be released November 15th 2011. The new Kindle will have web browsing, with Amazon’s new Silk browser.  It will also feature an app market, as well as cloud storage for all content and dual processor.

Already it sounds a lot different from the other Kindles on the market but what about the physical features? The Amazon Kindle Fire will feature a 7-inch full color touch screen according to Amazon. It weigh’s about 14.6 ounces and has an Android based OS.

Early reviews of the Fire have been positive so far. "We believe that the launch of an Amazon tablet will significantly boost the tablet market and inject a much needed competitor to Apple's iPad," says Adam Leach, a research firm analyst.

The kindle will be sold in stores for $199. I say it sounds pretty great! Hurry up and get here November 15th! We all want an Amazon Kindle Fire!

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