Mobile technology is hugely significant to current health care systems. With the right apps, your smartphone can become your personalized health checker. Wish you could have a regular check on your blood sugar or blood pressure without actually going to a clinic? Medical apps can help, saving you time as well as money.

It’s not just the patient who relies on medical or health care apps - there are apps to serve medical professionals as well. Mobile app development services have become powerful tools in creating awareness about health, revolutionizing health care education, improving on the doctor patient relationship, and more. The modern mantra seems to be, “an app a day keeps the doctor away.”

Some of the most significant healthcare apps include:

  • Medscape: Medscape Clinical Apps DevelopmentUsed by many doctors, medical students, and other health care professionals to obtain clinical information. The app comes with features like medical news and critical alerts, a clinical reference, articles and more. The app includes the largest database on medical drugs with more than 8000 drug brands in the list. Moreover, the app also includes info about different diseases and their conditions, various medical procedures and much more. The app serves more than 3 million medical professionals.


  • DocbookMD: DocbookMD Medical Apps DevelopmentWith the help of this app, physicians can exchange any HIPAA-compliant multi-media files like X-rays, EKGs, and other information with their colleagues.  With this app to speed up consultations, patient care is truly enhanced.



  • SimMon: SimMon App To measure Blood PressureSimMon is a simulation of a patient vital signs monitor for medical training. Blood pressure, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, and heart rate can be adjusted on one iOS device for display on another. The app not only saves the cost of modern simulation devices but with its dynamic settings can train medical students exceptionally well.


  • First Aid by American Red Cross: Smartphone Health Apps DevelopmentThis is one handy app that could save you in an emergency situation by providing you the essential knowledge of first aid. The systematic instructions, video learning, safety tips, and preloaded content give the user complete lifesaving knowledge. The app is integrated with 911, letting you call the EMS at any point. The user can also earn badges through the interactive quizzes in the app, making it informative and interactive on your own schedule.


  • Epocrates: Epocrates Health App BuilderMore than one million active members use Epocrates, which helps the user to access clinical resources quickly and conveniently. Epocrates enhances patient care with the help of its drug prescription reviews, drug-to-drug interaction (up to 30 drugs) information, pill identification through imprint code, and much more.


These are some of the top health care apps, which have brought a radical change in the medical sector. Are you a medical professional or organization with an idea that could enhance patient care even more? Contact us to get started on your own medical app using the button below.

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