iPads are great because they are portable and have the ability to download apps, however for business usage it can be frustrating to write an email or a school assignment on the iPad touch screen keyboard. This is no longer a problem because Logitech’s iPad 2 now has a fold-up stand and a keyboard separate from the screen.

It is a Bluetooth keyboard that transforms into a stand to make it just like a mini laptop. When not it use, it can be tucked right underneath the iPad2; as if it was never there.

You can pre-order the keyboard on Logitech’s site (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/tablet-accessories/for-ipad/devices/fold-up-keyboard-ipad) for $129.99.

Just when we thought the iPad couldn’t get any simpler, Logitech took it a step further and made it just that.

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