Hi there, I’m Jimmy Dunn stand-up comedian, actor, writer, producer, director, dog lover, above average poker player, and overall idea man. Recently I came up with an idea for an iPhone application for hall-of-fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley

Once I get Eck on board, I needed somebody to help me actually take my ideas and turn them into a real working iPhone application. The folks at Zco were able to take my ideas, my sketches, my drawings, my flowcharts - basically what I had up here - and put it in here. I now have one of the coolest iPhone apps on the market. And it’s all thanks to the folks at Zco. They’re on the forefront of app technology. They know everything there is to know about smartphones. They're smarter than the smartest smartphone. They’re smart people. They were able to take my crazy ideas and turn it into one of the coolest iPhone apps out there on the market.

The turnaround was amazing, the people over here are talented, and I couldn't be happier with the actual product. Not too long ago, this was nothing more than an idea in my head. Today you can actually go on the Apple store and for just 99 cents you can download my app.

If you're a baseball fan, you’re gonna love The Eck app. It’s got all kind of great features. It’s got the Eck’ipedia, where you can learn to speak like Eck, it's got What the Eck’?, where you can learn to think like Eck, and it's got Eck Yourself, where you can learn to look like Eck. This is the app you gotta have, but don't take my word for it. Take Eck’s: “I gotta have it!” Yes you do Eck! If you have an idea that you wanna turn into a real app, you gotta come see Zco.

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